Monday, March 29, 2010

Blog: Note to self....





I am exhausted....very long day and just home from t-ball game and dinner. So much to blog, a little to share for now.....

Note to self:

tee-ball game
Easter bunny
Backyard dinner with the G's
Bluebonnet pics
*New family shoot*
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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

from mama's heart....


He came home a couple of weeks ago and announced that he tried out for the solo in the Spring Performance. Yikes! My boy is alot of things but carrying a tune...well, not so much (or so I thought!) As we were on our walk home from school today, "Mama I forgot to tell you that I got some good news yesterday." "I got the boy solo for the Spring Performance!" I don't know what impresses me more about him....the fact that he has the confidence to try all kinds of things or that out of every single Kinder boy he got the one solo part and shrugged it off as no big deal. And so on April 6th I will sit front row with 700 hundred different types of cameras to capture my boy's solo singing debut! CMW- you never cease to amaze me, my love!


And now for my sweet thing! Baby girl is sick, sick, sick. Today she is 5 months old but a sick little baby! We did pictures last week so as soon as I get the files, I will write her 5 month post. For now, my heart aches for my pretty. She had a stuffy nose last Monday that by yesterday had advanced to an ear infection, cold in both eyes and bronchitis. She looks miserable but has not fussed or stopped smiling through it all. After a breathing treatment at the Dr.'s office, powerful antibiotic and an inhaler every 4 hours, she is doing much, much better. She weighed right at 18 pounds yesterday! Love that rollie pollie baby of mine!!!! She is sweet as a cupcake and talks circles around all of us. That girl talks, talks and does some more talking! CEW- you put the light in my world, my precious!
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MPLL Opening Day 2010





Little League season has officially begun! We had Opening Day festivities this past weekend. It was cold and windy but that did not damper the spirits too much. There is such an exciting energy at the ballpark after last season's World Series showing. Our little boys took the field like pros! They proudly held their sign that my mom and dad made as they paraded across the field. We have two games a week and one practice a week. It sounds dreadful, right? However, I have to be honest and say that these are some of our most favorite days. We have become such great friends with the parents and everyone at MPLL is super fun! Until you have watched your child loving the game as much as his dad, you could not possibly understand. And so it begins....first game is this Saturday. Camy and I are all ready with our bling Yankees shirts! Go Yanks!
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Thursday, March 18, 2010

How about some putt-putt!





We promised Caden a round of putt-putt during Spring Break. Because I know my boy, I strategically planned it for today. We did family pictures this morning so it was my leverage to have him do well for pictures. The weather was beautiful and we had so much fun! Caden would hit the ball 15 times and declare he got a 3 on the hole. :) I won by a couple points even with all his mulligans....yeah mama! Camy strolled along in her stroller and enjoyed listening to our competitive spirits and was her usual sweet baby self.
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St. Patty's Day with the Wilson's



By the time I remembered to take a picture my kids were already in their pj's and Taylor had fallen asleep.

I am still not good at hosting and taking pictures so this is all I got to document St. Patrick's Day this year. The Wilson's came over for some backyard dining. We spent hours laughing at old stories, enjoying MSW's fajitas and planning the future. Our kids play so incredibly well together. In fact, Reese and Caden cleaned the whole house (including the messy kitchen) while the adults enjoyed visiting. They were so proud to surprise us with their work. I must admit...they did an amazingly impressive job!
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My sweet girl



It is hard to believe that next week she will be 5 months old! She is the sweetest baby doll! She is loving her food. So far we have tried bananas, apple sauce and pears. She is getting so much better eating from a spoon and sitting up in her high chair. She has the sweetest two little bottom teeth but sticks her tongue out every time someone tries to get a peek at them! She is talking up a storm and loves to "tell us stories." I moved her out of our room and into her crib. She seems really happy in there so far. Before she was born, I created an itunes playlist for her pink ipod so that plays all through the night for her. I have soaked up these days with her and doodle.
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Taylor Kate turns 4!




One of our favorite little girls is turning 4. She wanted a "Dora" party! Krazy Kris Kurtz even made an appearance as Swipper! The kiddos had a great time...even Camy!
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Farmer's Market

Spring Break 2010 has officially begun!

It was the first day in maybe over a year that we had nothing slated for the day. We woke up to the beautiful sunshine and declared it was an outside day. We had breakfast tacos at our favorite taco stand and then headed to the Farmer's Market. The Farmer's Market is kinda my haven. Because I love to cook healthy food and adore organic foods, it only makes sense that I *heart* all the fresh produce and foods. I loaded up, doodle had a pastry and Camy and daddy had a nice stroll. We then headed to the nursery for some more plants, etc... I planted my herb garden a couple of weeks ago and needed to add in tomatoes and squash. We spent the afternoon working in the yard. Daddy set-up the beach umbrella and put camy in her swing under the shade. She took a 2 hour nap and then woke up to watch the birds playing above her. Everything is blooming and beautiful! We had so much fun just hanging out and playing in the dirt!





Backyard Dining

After what can described in my book as the perfect day, we decided to have a crab/shrimp boil in the backyard. I love backyard dining and I finally found a picnic table to suit my fancy. MSW hung lights in the tree to provide the perfect evening light. Snow crab and fresh gulf shrimp....fresh salad greens from the Farmer's Market with my homemade Italian dressing with fresh basil and oregano from my herb garden. MSW can boil the BEST crabs in the world! The evening and food was perfect. Camy was asleep before the cooking even began and doodle only lasted until about 8 pm and then went upstairs to bed. MSW and I enjoyed the candlelight evening and good tunes that we had playing. We actually even danced under the stars. It was the most beautiful day!




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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How did you spend your afternoon?

...this is what we did!



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Spring is here....Spring is here!'s the best time of the year! Is that song still on Noggin (or whatever that channel is called now?) The weather has been gorgeous and we have taken advantage of every moment of sunshine. This afternoon we headed to the park. We truly enjoyed exploring the flowers popping up everywhere, letting the sunshine warm up our skin and swinging.




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Stone Oak Celtics: Winter 2010


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New Toy!


When I first saw these, I knew that it was a must have for me! Naturally, I love any camera and I especially love vintage type of stuff. I have wanted a Polaroid camera for a while but it is so hard to find the film. Then I saw this camera! The instant photos are about the size of a credit card. These little pics make me soooooo happy! I have so many projects in mind as how to use these nifty little pics.
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