Thursday, February 2, 2012

Oh January!

Not sure my pictures in this post will exactly correlate to my words but such is my life at the moment. One big blur of busy, fun, love, work, sports, life. January, such a big month in our home. Not only is it a fresh start to a new year, it is our anniversary month, my birthday month and the start to a new semester. Hence, the crazy busy life. Each was marked and celebrated perfectly. And, as we tuck away Janury 2012 I will remember....

My "aggressive diet and exercise regimn" as ordered by my doctor for my high LDL is still on track. I have found a new love of low-cholesterol cooking and I feel better than I have ever felt despite my over booked life. I can bike/run over 10 miles a day and though weight loss was not my intended goal it is a nice "side effect" to this plan. What it is doing for my cholesterol levels who knows....don't go for re-testing until April but I will tell you that this daily plan of almonds, oatmeal, flax, plant sterols and salmon better be doing somethig regarding the ol' LDL.

The start to my semester has been....ummm....intersting. I am pretty sure all the "characters" sign up for my classes. It keeps it entertaining and certainly not boring. Actaully, it is going really well they are just keeping me on my toes. Because our campus is under renovations, I am all over the place which makes my days fly by. All is good on that front.

Our anniversary and my birthday was great. I need to post our weekend in Fredericksburg (girls....cds will be in the mail by Saturday....promise!)

The littles are doing great. Cade keeps me totally running all the time...two baseball teams, basketball and a choir performance are on the agenda as of late. Camy girl has decided to turn into an acrobat which keeps me and MSW constantly gasping as we catch the tail end of one of her new tricks. Her bruising has been at an all time high but so has her crazy stunts. She has mastered the crib escape. We find toys in her crib the next morning that were clearly not in there when she fell asleep. We finally caught her in the act. Sister gets out in the middle of the night, plays and then crawls back into her crib and goes to sleep. Silly girl! As much as I was not ready to move her into a big girl will be delievered on Saturday. We certainly don't need an obstacle course for her in the middle of the night. I can just see her busting open her chin as she hangs over the side of her crib. So, big girl bed it is that will not require an acrobatic trick to get out of.

Though it is just the close of January, we are already planning our summer. Lots of fun stuff on the way. And that is the going ons around here lately.







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