Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I have a goal of posting at least once a week. So this post is, well, a guilt post to stay on track. I have so much to recap and document but the time is just not cooperating with that goal right now. My days are filled with students in crisis mode (it is midterm, need I say more?) and the down slide of the semester. Didn't we just start? I will be giving finals in just a little over a month- that I can't believe!

I took on way too many shoots lately so my evenings are filled with editing shoots, burning CDs and putting together orders. I just submitted a wedding order yesterday and am finally caught up until this weekend when I take on some more shoots- I can't complain I do it to myself. Oh- and throw on top of that my brilliant idea to take on another job! I'm two weeks into my 4 week training for Univ. of Phoenix. It is kicking my rear! It is soooo much work so it totally has to be worth it, right, it will?!?!?!

We are fired up for Halloween! The house has exploded in orange and black and the candy is secured. Doodle already had his school performance last week- they celebrate Noah's Ark day vs. Halloween. He was a raccoon! He tore up the stage. When I climb out of this mountain of work I will post pics and try to get up a video....

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"Face the Lord"

The back story: Doodle attends a private Christian school. It is a wonderful place that is teaching him so much and instilling a strong Christian faith in him. He attends chapel a couple times a week and comes home each and every day with a new prayer & scripture bite. I think we sometimes combine all that into one prayer....

Last night's prayer before dinner as delivered by CW....
Open shut them, open shut them, fold them in your lap (complete with hand movements.)
God is good, God is great, let us thank him for this food.
In Christ's name we pray, Amen
(with hands above his head) Face the Lord!

I was dying inside! I did not want to embarass him or discourage him so I gently asked, "Are you sure it is not Praise the Lord?" "No, mama it is definitely Face the Lord." And so, that is how we will end our prayer...Face the Lord!
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Saturday, October 18, 2008

A love letter: To my Mr.

A touch of nostalgia is in the air. In two months you and me....10 years of marriage...17 years of being together. How can that be? Life is sweet...life is good...with you. I need, you fufill. I want, you make it happen. I dream, you support. I cry, you comfort. I laugh, you laugh too. You are so much more than I could ever have dreamed of having. The stars shine down on us, don't they MSW? I can't wait for Jan. 2, 2009!
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My treasures...

My Goal: Pictures of me & my boys on the beach, Laguna Beach.
Photographer: Me, my tripod & my 40D.
Realization: metering ever changing light is hard! Keeping others out of our pictures- a challange.
The result: Pictures that will ever hold a special place in my heart!
To my boys....thank you. My ever-compliant loves.
california 2008- you matched all my expectaions and beyond!
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My 'oh my....

My ever-willing model....
do you know how much these pictures make your mama's heart sing?
baby... you are unmatched!
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A Love letter...Dear Son

Dear Son,
A sun doesn't set without me praying for your health & happiness,
A sun doesn't rise without me attempting to make that day the best day of your life,
observe my happiness in these pictures...you are my light!
A mama couldn't love her boy more than I love you.
Laguna Beach, Oct. 2008
(photographed by none other than my Mr. (MSW) my apprentice is doing a good job!)
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Santa Monica

What I will remember about Santa Monica Pier.....
* The fact there were actual trapeeze practices happening (I have no idea how to spell that & I'm on a roll & not stopping to spell check)
* The ferris wheel
* The smells...a perfect blind of salt water, fair food and Bubba Gump's Shrimp House
* The ultimate find! A real photo booth! I can only find digital photo booths today....the kind that prints a digital picture that adds graphics, etc.... What this heart desires is a real photo booth the kind that is circa 1980. Santa Monica thank you! The best $4 I have spent in a long, long time. 4 poses, individual flash bulb shot, just enough saturation that it looks polaroid 80's and the vertical layout of the poses....one posed, one silly, one lovin', one...what? it is still taking another picture!. The pics....perfect! I am just realizing that I should have taken a picture of the pics I'm bragging about.
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me & him....

he is the answer to my every want.
he goes along with every crazy idea i have.
including flying & driving miles to capture photos that I must have of us.
he does things...just to see me smile.
lucky, me? that does not even scratch the surface of what i have with him!
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Let's go for a drive....

D to M: Let's drive....We can hit PCH 1 just out of Beverly Hills
M to D: Sure...sounds like fun...what's your motive (yep, I always have one!)
D to M: Pictures baby! pictures...pictures...pictures....
Drive, baby, Drive.....
and that's what we did along Pacific Coast Highway One.
From Santa Monica to Laguna Beach!
the view- breathtaking!
the company- uncomparable for this girl!
the pictures- i'll treasure them for life!
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cmw's version of Hollywood

A star in the making....

Or I can just play hop scotch on the stars...

"Mama, is Hollywood only for girls?"

"who knew dora hung out on Hollywood Blvd.?"
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Saturday morning we woke up and headed to Hollywood. For some reason, doodle had it in his mind it was only for girls??? funny boy. We did the walk of stars, cruised around looking for movie stars (no luck...it was probably too early in the morning) and did some shopping. The Santa Ana winds started blowing this morning so it was cool & windy...but not too much of a damper on our movie star morning. I could not help of thinking of the line @ the end of Pretty Woman...."Welcome to Hollywood where everybody can be a star."
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Disneyland 2008

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And the sun began to set....

Yes, the sun does set on the magical land. After a full day, that was our cue to take it to the hotel. 'til next time Disneyland....

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