Thursday, February 19, 2009

Learing to Read....

I began a post about how busy I am, but frankly I am tired of talking about that. Today, let's keep it fun because being busy is not always fun stuff...

Let's see...what should I write about? I have tons of new pics and I don't want to post about that stuff until I have the pics to upload with that (I'm @ work right now...shhhh!)

Doodle...yes, there is a subject that puts an instant smile on my face. They began their Reading Unit at school a few weeks ago. They are using A Beka curriculum and it is some pretty amazing stuff. I cannot say enough positive things about his teacher and school- they are simply amazing. Anyways, his teacher sent home a note that informed us that when your child brings home their book, then they have mastered that level. He brought home a new book ever couple of days....a mother's brag, I know, but while he was moving on to Book 5, everyone else was still on Book 1. While we were very proud of him, I was a little skeptical too. I work with him all the time- so I know it a mother's privy. I knew what my little man was doing. He has an amazing memory. He can remember anything- every little detail, in fact. I suspected he was memorizing the words to the books rather than actually reading. He could produce the exact words on the pages 100% of the time- but was he really reading? I wanted to encourage his efforts but also wanted to make sure that he did not purely rely on memorization, that he actually learn to read. So, we started little spelling bee's at home and reading unfamiliar things, in addition to his books. I think it finally clicked last night. Using his leapfrog, magnetic letters he spelled a "new" word on the fridge for me last night. I was cleaning up the table and not noticing what he was doing. He was so excited and called me over to look at the word. "Mama, I did this word all on my own, it is not even one that you teached me (we are still working on verb usage). I spelled it out all by myself!" What was the word you ask?


that's right....of all the words in the English language, he chose poop! Wonder how that would have gone over at his conservative, Baptist school...yikes!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


I have neglected the blog lately....woops! I have much to post, along with new pics of doodle, etc... Maybe this afternoon...I decided to post something right that I at least can half-way mark it off my things to do list for today. Life is happening in the fast lane these days and in a blink, the day is gone. I am ready for a slower pace. The good news is that I see the light at the end of the tunnel... Spring Break is only three weeks out and then I am down to the home stretch- first week of May will be my last week at work until the new school year starts up (which I am hoping to begin as the newest Assistant Professor!) Yes- still going through the promotion process, was not kidding when I said it was a year long process. However, my dossier is in the hand's of the dean now- getting closer! In addition , I am throwing a party for myself on Feb. 23rd- want to come? This is the day I finish with UofP! Let's just say I will not be doing that for a while....if ever!

Other exciting news flash! Remember the bathroom floor from last April? Remember that remodeling project? I know you have to dig deep, it was almost a year ago- yes, that one. I am happy to announce she is done! My sweet husband meticulously redid the whole thing! I love it and am so glad to be back in the girl's bathroom and outta the boys!

Ok....I will try to post later on about everything else. I finally went to the doctor on Friday and found out I have a sinus infection. Fun....anyways- off to medicate as I am sitting here unable to breathe...oh it is glorious!

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