Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sissy Belle's Tea Party Shoot





T-minus one month until my baby love turns one. While that is incomprehensible to me, I keep myself focused on her party as not to think about the fact that she is almost one! I think I had this photo shoot in my head long before I ever had a little girl. I got bit my fire ants and huge mosquitoes in the process but finding the right spot was worth those minor inconveniences. She loves the frills and fuss...we make a great pair. She had so much fun during the shoot that I cannot wait to see her at her birthday party! I love you camy girl!
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Now this makes me smile....




MSW is coaching baseball again this season. Doodle is now moving up to machine pitch which requires a catcher. He could not wait for dad to go pick up the equipment bag so he could try out the catcher's gear. I just might have cried and laughed all at the same time when i saw him in this still my beating heart!
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Back to the grind....





Mama...back to work as a college professor...load-5 classes...mood=sad
Doodle...back to school as a 1st grader...mood=ecstatic
Camy....back to Ms. Laura's....mood=she had no idea what was coming

And so begins a new school year for us all. Doodle loves his teacher and is doing great so far! The politics of my school year have been difficult with alot of changes but I have some really great students. One of my psych student says at the end of each class as he exits, "your the best, teach!" I laugh every time! It took Camy a couple of weeks to adjust back but she seems to be enjoying her little friends more and more each day.
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Back to school dinner




I have started the tradition of a "back to school dinner" the night before a new school year. Doodle picks the menu (this year was homemade lasagna) and he gets to enjoy a little back to school gift. Gosh....1st grade how did that happen?
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friends & family celebrate Miss C





I could kick myself for not getting pictures of everyone who shared this day with our baby girl. Though, to my credit, almost everyone walked in the door with a bag of clothes to change was a hot day :) Such sweet people fill our lives and I still tear up thinking about looking out from the stage in the church to the pews filled with people who love and support our darling girl.
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Sissy belle's Baptism lunch





After church, we had our guests over for a celebration luncheon. I went simple with the menu...needed something that I could quickly pull from the fridge as we arrived home from church. The menu consisted of chicken salad, pimento&cheese and cream cheese cucumber sandwiches, pasta salad and fruit. The cake was a pink lemonade, 3-layer was pretty but was a little too tart.
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Sissy Belle's Baptism





She was baptized on a hot August day, just a couple days after daddy's 35th birthday. It was a small affair with huge love and meaning. She wore a Strausburg gown, personalized bloomers and socks and a James Avery cross given to her by us for this special day. For her, I carried her monogrammed handkerchief that I hope she will also carry on her wedding day. She didn't cry when the holy water was placed on her head and she was blessed by Pastor Lewis. In the pews sat our nearest and dearest that watched our baby girl receive this special offering. Tucked away in my hope chest is memories of the day for her one day to cherish....her baptism clothing, her handkerchief and a card from mommy and daddy explaining to her what this day means. To me this will be one of those most meaningful days that I will always remember.
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'round here.....

'round here...sometimes we paint the littlest piggies in the house.

'round here...sometimes we just love on each other.

'round here....sometimes we brave the 100+temps and head to Sea World.

'round here....sometimes we find a freshly bathed, naked baby roaming the house.
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and so the blog must wait....

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I sat down at the computer to actual post with pictures and substantial writing. But, as soon as I did I feel a little hand on my leg followed maaaaa maaaa. And so off I go to dance with my sissy belle AND blog....well, you will just have to wait again.

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