Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday

* I'm loving watching doodle and MSW outside my window as I blog. To no surprise, they are throwing a baseball. I love that they do this every night.

* I'm loving zumba!

* I'm loving that sissy now calls herself, "the baby." Last night when MSW was eating she was wanting bites of his food. If he took a bite instead of giving her one, she would say...the baby?!?! Love that girl.

* I'm loving my lavender bath salt.

Rainy day

Finally...after many days without rain, we had 3 back to back storms. We stopped dinner to run outside and enjoy the rain.

Big brother teaching sissy belle about the rain.

Monkey see...

Monkey do.....

Not rain related but I'm proud of this cute little shirt I made for Camdyn. She is my little assistant!
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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

10 on Tuesday

10 random thoughts....

1. It rained today! We stopped in the middle of dinner to go stand out in it. Camdyn was not sure what to think of coming soon.
2. I have been trying all different kinds of classes this summer. Today, I took a ballet class. I consider myself fairly in shape as I run 3-5 miles almost every day. I thought this class would be relaxing and fun. It was fun and more difficult than the butt-kicking kickboxing class I tried last week. There is a good chance I will be walking like a 90 year old woman tomorrow.
3. In preparation of my ballet class, I pulled out my old dance bag from my hope chest. I am confident it had not been opened since my last dance recital in 1994. As I pulled out my pointe shoes and tap shoes the smell of Delia Light's dance studio filled the room.
4. I love pinterest....'nuff said about that.
5. Mrs. Myers has a new scent...Honeysuckle. Can't wait to try it!
6. I'm about half way through the party prep for Camdyn's 2nd Birthday party. Yes, it's not until the end of October but I live for this stuff. Just waiting on the fall boots to hit the shelves at Nordstrom's so that I can do her pictures for her invitations.
7. Caden has his first Select Baseball tournament this weekend...I'm nervous/excited for him....he. of course, is unphased.
8. I want to start a weekly bible study for doodle's friends....very light, fun using our favorite daily verse book. Don't know how to approach parents without seeming fanatical (not sure of their religious affiliations, etc...)
9. I want to be in/start a monthly book club....never been part of one before and I think it would be fun.
10. I have 3 huge blisters on my fingers from hotgluing Crystal's birthday present.....Rita failed me!!!

Florida 2011 Trip

Another amazing trip to, love, love these vacations!




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Summer Afternoons

Sprinklers, green grass, tricycles and cartwheels....all part of our summer afternoons. Little laughs, big smiles and funny little sounds....all part of our summer afternoons. Childhood wonders that I hope they always hold in their hearts.













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Friday, July 15, 2011

him and her....


He is rambunctious, inquisitive, growing, loud, energetic, adventurous, curious, helpful, busy and confident.

She is rambunctious, growing, funny, busy, loves shoes, loves jewlery, curious, learning and sweet.

Different....but more the same. I often think they are the greatest blessing to one another...sometimes :)
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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

TLU Girls' Lake Weekend

I always thank my lucky stars for the wonderful friendships that Texas Lutheran University (TLU) brought me. We were so fortunate to spend the weekend together on Lake LBJ this year. I love that we have created a yearly reunion!

We spent hours on the boat, tubing and some wake boarding (go Nette). We had dinner at a fun little pizza place, we chatted, we sat under the stars, we laughed and laughed and laughed. It was a perfect weekend. These girls are the best!!!















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Me...the embarassing mom?????

On the way to the dentist....

Me: Caden, are you OK with me staying with Camy in the waiting area instead of going with you into the exam room.
Caden: minute of pause....actually, I prefer that. You are embarrassing.
Me: I'm embarrassing???
Caden: Yes, totally.
Me: How do I embarrass you?
Caden: For starters, like making me wear this Polo t-shirt.
Me: Why is that embarrassing?
Caden: Because I'm active you know...I'm athletic and this shirt is not.
Me: Really?!?!?!
Caden: (after a few minutes) you are probably going to be that kind of mom that runs onto the football field the first time I get the air knocked out of me yelling, Caden, Caden are you allright?
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Monday, July 4, 2011









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