Saturday, May 28, 2011

Finding random fun times

I love finding a "misplaced" memory card with pictures over a year old! Remembering the fun times of past!




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One of those moments....


*Not a great picture, P&S was handy to catch the moment as it unfolded. He had a swim party after school, so that is the reason for the swimsuit.

There comes those moments as a parent, in which you hold your breathe for your children. We've had a week of that. Caden was invited to try out for the summer select team that some of the MLPP (McCallister Park Little League)board members have put together. Just to be invited was an honor within itself, truly. Only about 20 of 100's were invited. We know he is young. Because his birthday falls on April 29th, he is the youngest playing at his level as the cut-off age is the next day. The age difference is obvious when he is on the field...the 9 year olds tower over him. Intimidation...not part of his vocabulary.

The try-out was last Sunday, the morning after a very heartbreaking loss in three extra innings. He was deflated and exhausted. We woke up early (gave praise to God at home...I'm sure he is a baseball fan and understood ;)), Michael and I both warmed him up and I have a bruise on my hand to prove it! The boys headed off as sissy and I stayed behind. Periodic texts let me know that he was not having a great try-out. He struggled at the plate but came back strong showing his defensive skills.

...and then we waited to hear. An e-mail would tell us either way within the week. It came on Friday. Michael honestly had no idea if his try-out was strong enough or not to make the team...they only took 10. Michael called me on Friday. Only 3 words but pride swelled in that father's voice, "He made it!"

He had been asking everyday. The night before when Michael was getting him out of the tub he asked, "Daddy if I don't make the Spartans is there another team that will take me?" I would be the one that would get to deliver the good news. I decided to construct a quick banner last minute. I picked him up, sent him in through the front door. His head looked up and read. He started at the beginning and read again, and then for a third time. That is when he turned and looked at me and said, "I made it?!?!" Elation ensued.

And so our summer will be filled with baseball! Max Lucado says, "children are our calling, not our hobby." Can it be both? The truth of the matter is that I love to watch my child play a game he loves so much!
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Thursday, May 26, 2011

A day at the zoo




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She did not care that it was 100 degrees outside. She did not care that most of the animals were taking a nap. It was her first trip to the zoo. She is loving animals these days and learning all her animal sounds. I thought it was time for a trip to the zoo. Just she and I. She loved the monkeys and fish the most. She loved the elephant until she blew air and then she cried, and shook her head "no" at the elephant. She talked to each animal with a very serious tone and would tippy toe up to each cage like she was timid of what awaited. Memories....

home making


One of our favorite meals.

I love artichokes. Love the taste, love how interesting they look, and even love to say, "artichoke!"

Art I've been working on for the house. It looks better than what this picture allows.
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My mother's day plant for my grandma is blooming. Beautiful!

Homemaking. I love it. Crafting, cooking, it all. Finding beauty in the items of the "everyday."

Monday, May 23, 2011

Mama's fun times


McCallister Park Gala time!


Working on my "honey do" list for the kitchen make-over

Bench make-over

In between the hustle and bustle of all that it takes to be a mom and wife, I am making time for fun times too! We attended the McCallister Park Little League Gala on Friday night. The Spazmatics played and we had a really awesome time. We danced, had dinner, crossed fingers to win drawings (we didn't) and truly enjoyed a fun night sans two little people.

I'm not moving along as fast as I would like with my kitchen, partly because we are still super busy and partly because the granite guy is not moving fast enough for me. So, for now I take advantage of when Michael is home and get him to start working ahead on the things that we can. One of the projects is redoing our breakfast area. We are cutting down the table and chairs (to a more camy-friendly) height and adding a bench in to the eating area. I found the bench at a thrift store, repainted and put on new fabirc. I'm anxious to see how it all works together...eventually! I love redecorating. One question, can a house have too much of a DIY feel?????
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Busy School Days





I joke that I need a "wife" to help me keep up with all of Caden's activities. You know...someone who can help with the crafts, handles a hot-glue gun with precision, cooks goodies, good with the camera, remembers the suncreen, etc.... No doubt that my boy's activities keeps me running. Friday alone my checklist looked a little like this:

* Finish gala basket
* Rehearse website presentation with Caden
* Deliver gala basket
* Bake plaintains for presentation
* Put flags on chocolate mustaches
* Iron Costa Rican Outfit and pack it up
* Get blanket, sunscreen, toys for picnic packed up
* Make picnic lunches
* Remember camera!
* Be at school by 9:20 am
* Be in Mrs. Hall's class by 12 with him in full costume
* Buy dress and shoes for gala
* Get trophies from my mom
* Talk to Stacey and Berta about class party
* " " about teacher gift
* Toe nail color change (no blue!)
* Pick up sissy by 3:00
* Be at Gala by 6:30

Most if not all is for Caden's activites...FYI this is only 1st grade!!

I got it all done, we had a great night at the Gala and looking forward to all this week will bring.
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Thursday, May 19, 2011

~Baseball Mom~


Anticipation, the start of the game.

Playing 2nd base.

At catcher

Get a hit!

I proudly sport a t-shirt that reads, "Baseball Mom." It makes me crack a smile and puts some pep into my step. My toe nails are currently painted, "Cubs blue" thanks to Caden picking out the color that "you must wear, mama." Yes, oh yes I am so that mom. No matter what resistance I thought I could throw at my boys against it, I might (just might) be as wrapped up into this whole baseball thing as my boys. hooohmmmmm....

Last night was our last regular season game, a must win to get into the play-offs. Our boys played their hearts out. They won...big...12-5! For me, it is not so much about the win as it is the smile and giggles that it puts on their
faces. It is the proudness I see on my husband's face.

I love how before the game, all gathered tight in a huddle, Michael reminds them that "baseball is a gentleman's sport. So get out there and play with respect but most of all, have fun!" I love how when I am done with my "team mom" duties in the dug out, Caden always looks at me, gives me a thumb's up and says, "i've got this mom" which means he is fired up and ready to play!

Maybe he will play for years, maybe this is short-term...for now, I'm baseball mom!
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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Big BIG!

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It is here...finally....summer vacation. I'm closing down day 2 of my favorite time of the year! I have big plans to become a regular blogger again. Really.

So far...awesomely great! During the day it is just me and Camy liz. I hope to reset my circadian rhythm soon as I am still waking up at 5:45 am. Early morning coffee and chats with my Mr. before the sun starts to peak through the windows. The boys are out the door by 7:30 am and then I tackle that list of things I want to get done.

So far I have completely cleaned out all the closets, drawers and washed everything from top to bottom upstairs....25 bags to Goodwill/Salvation Army and the top floor feels clean! Downstairs...well, that is a whole different project. Finally, after 10 LLLLOOOOONNNNGGGG years we are remodeling the kitchen. It was the reason we almost did not buy this house. It is the most utilized room in our house. We love to cook. We love to entertain. Why do we not have a kitchen we love? We will soon. I hope. It will still not be close to my dream kitchen...need to save that for my forever house but it will be improved. So, I will save all of that for a post of its own. But let's just say I'm painting my heart out at nap time.

I'm trying new recipes every night and I am reading books for is lovely! I am soaking up my days with my girl. I love having this one-on-one time with her. You should see that girl's dance moves. We dance, we laugh, we go for strolls. She naps and I frantically paint. I have alot of painting to do!

My heart is full and I'm absolutely loving this time and looking towards the months ahead. What a blessing to have a job I love and then to get the time off that I get. What a lucky girl! With that greatness comes hesitation too. Last May was rough...I'm not naive to that. In fact, I am reading a wonderful book, "Heaven is for Real" which is a little boy's account of his brief "visit" to heaven during an appendectomy. We are right at that one year mark of Michael laying on an operating table for an emergency appendectomy. His life lingered as that darn appendix poisoned his body....Camy's diagnosis came 2 days later. That overshadowed Michael's surgery as by that point he was in full recovery mode...I think I am just now going back and processing all that. What a month May '10 was for us. I hate all of that stuff we went through but I have to say that it puts a sweet perspective on my days this May. Stay away bad are not welcome here!

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