Monday, October 11, 2010

A new day starts....Now!

I often hear, " I don't know how you do it all." I do not take it as a compliment, because I realize that I am spread so thin that I am not sure that I do any of it all that well. After alot of soul-searching and prayer, MSW and I decided that I would resign from work in December. This was two weeks ago. A week ago I set my appointment with my chair, VP and HR. In my mind, it was a done deal.

I will confess that there are aspects of my job that I really love. I love to teach. Really love it. I see my opportunity to work with students who have never had anyone support them my stewardship. I have met some of the most amazing people. I love my hours and the time that I have off. With all that goodness comes the yuck too. For the past five years I have been a supervisor. I have several faculty and staff that report to me. I take on alot of stress worrying about these people.

When I laid out my plan for the higher-ups I got a great gift back that I never expected. I was offered the opportunity to resign from my coordinator position and teach full-time,keeping my current salary, title and tenure. An offer that really is too good to be true. So as of today, I reinvent my professional self. I am DW, Assistant Professor...that is more coordinator behind my name (that comes with all the admin headaches I was having.) As of today, I am only responsible for myself and 100% work for my students. Deep breath.

Friday night MSW and I had a date night that included painting my new office. A cute periwinkle blue. Today I moved in...a fresh start in a cute office. I am already feeling more balance in my life. I picked up my littles, was home in 20 minutes (love the new super street!!!!), dinner was cooked, served and eaten by 5:30 and then we spent the rest of the afternoon outside until the sun faded into the distance. I think this is all going to work out just fine...

Bits & Pieces of our Fall '10

The doodle bug is playing flag football. It's well....interesting. I am not sure of all the rules but he is having fun and that is all that matters. We are on the football field by early Saturday morning and by afternoon it is to the baseball diamond. The seasons overlap for a few weeks so we are crazy busy on Saturdays cheering on the doodle bug.

The sissy is less than two weeks shy of turning one. We are knee-deep in party prep! Her bangs are getting long and she now refuses to keep a bow in her hair (I knew the day was coming).

She loves, loves, loves her brother even when he carriers her like this (he was fetching her from crawling close to the street.) It looks torturous but I guarantee you that she was laughing so hard the whole time he carried her back.

Ugg! With her birthday being so close to Halloween I could not decide if I should decorate or not. Her party is not at all Halloween themed so they are not going to match with the How Sweet She Is decor. Oh well! I love me some Halloween decorations and doodle was not going to stand for me not decorating for it, so our guests will be greeted with Halloween only to become immersed in the middle of a pink sea of sweetness!
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