Saturday, March 28, 2009


First Game: Angels vs. Red Sox **Warning** There will be alot of bragging in this post!Tuesday afternoon was doodle's 1st tee-ball game. He woke up that morning and the first words out of his mouth were, "today is a big day! I have my first game." It was hard to judge who was more excited...the boy or the dad.I left work a little early, fetched the boy and hauled it to the field. We only had about 15 minutes to get him into his uniform before game time. He was all dressed and looked so darling carrying his little bat bag to the field. CMW looks exactly like MSW in so many ways....but seeing my son in his baseball uniform, he was the spitting image of his father. MSW was right behind us but I could hear the nervousness in doodle's voice when he asked where daddy was at. He needed him in that moment and I cannot tell you how much it warmed my heart to witness their bond. Daddy is his coach, his motivator and his security when it comes to all things sports.Doodle's team, The Angels, were up to bat first and doodle was the #2 hitter. His first at-bat he hit the ball on his first swing, hesitated a little and then ran safely to first base. He looked for me in the stands and gave me a big smile and thumbs up. MSW made it to the field just before the start and because he is a coach gets to be on the field. You have never seen a prouder man than watching his son's first hit.As the Angels took the field I glanced an evil look at my husband as I realized he put my precious son on the pitcher's mound. Of course, it is tee-ball, but this still means that he was in the direct line of hit balls. First ball was hit, doodle ran to field the ball perfectly and then threw it to first....textbook. He did this every time the ball was hit, never letting a ball get past him and he even tagged a boy out at first. He would pound his little fist into his glove as he anticipated the hit. At one point, he yelled "mommy" from the mound and then blew me a kiss! Be still my beating heart!Second at-bat was a duplicate of the first at-bat and I could see daddy coaching his little boy. Third at-bat, he walked into the batter's box and let loose on the ball. He hit the ball all the way to the fence. The best hit of the game, no doubt! MSW was beaming and mama was cheering. CMW had the biggest smile on his face as he rounded the bases. As he got back to the dug out he told dad, "I was nervous during my first two at-bats but I really hit the hell out of it the third time!" MSW let him bask in his glory and did not even correct his language- though you and I both know where he got that little saying from in the first place!He had the time of his life and still has not stopped talking about the game. MSW was so pumped too that I could not sleep the night after the game because every 30 minutes he would exclaim, "I am just so proud of him, he did so good, he is going to be a ball player!" Finally at 1 am I asked him to go to bed :)We have been so cautious not to lead him into having to like baseball. MSW played college and minor league baseball and I am very careful to teach him that he is not expected to follow the same path if that is not what he wants or where his talent is at. That is why we first had him play soccer. However, after Tuesday's game it is very clear that he has inherited his father's love and talent for the game. Who knows how long it will last but I do know that we are absolutely loving it right now! I have been watching MSW play since he was an 8 year old little leaguer through Chicago Cubs Minor League games and I loved every minute of it. I cannot tell you how many memories it brings back to see him on the field again (of course, in a different role) and to watch him now share that love with his son. It is some good, good stuff!So you will find me in the stands @ McCallister Park Little League twice a week with my camera, video camera and most likely some treat from their awesome concession stand! I am a concession stand junkie- nothing I love more than those nachos and pickles and popcorn...especially these days (wink!)
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Friday, March 13, 2009


You think I would have been better about blogging since I had the whole week off???? Spring Break 2009 was exactly that- a break. A much needed, much appreciated break. We did go to Fredericksburg the first weekend and had a very nice little trip. The weather was warm and nice on Monday and Tuesday and we took advantage of long walks, playtime in the park and gardening. Wednesday- Friday (and I am guessing this weekend too) has been cold and rainy. We need the rain, so no complaints. Truthfully, I have not minded in the slightest. If it were nice and pretty outside I would have felt guilty about all the laziness I have been guilty of this week. Doodle and I have slept late, cuddled up under the blanket and listened to the rain, watched way too much TV, I have read 2 whole books (for pure entertainment) and I have done a tremendous amount of scrapbooking. Our days have been slow and lazy and we have both loved every minute. My amazingly sweet husband took today off to spend with us too. We all snuggled in bed this morning until 9:30, the boys and went and got haircuts, had a lovely lunch out and played a family tournament of Wii- I should not admit that I spanked them in bowling as that would be bragging, right? :)

As I look at my calendar for the next couple of months it is packed! Showers, B-days, weddings, shoots, tee-ball games, etc... I am not sure how I will get it all done! Hopefully this week of rest and realization will be enough to propel me through until the first week of May. Oh summer break how I love you!

Doodle will be 5 next month....gasp! I cannot believe it! Since January I have been asking what he wants to do for his theme? He has been very passive about it all which is so unusual for my little extrovert. He seems to be most excited that his birthday falls on a school day. I guess he knows he will be the "star" for the day and I think that is really all he is anticipating. I can't believe we are thinking this, but I think we might pass on the big birthday party this year. I have presented him with every option/theme I can think of and he seems totally not interested. Last night at dinner, he told us "how about we just have a little party with just my family." For now, that will be the plan. We don't find it necessary to go all out if he really has no interest. It feels strange and I feel guilty about this plan but 5 is such a different age than 1-4. He has his friends @ school, he knows what he wants and is too much of a boy to want all the fuss. MSW assures me he will be just fine without a huge party but I secretly have strategized how to pull one off in case he does change his mind last minute. No big party? What's next???? Not letting me kiss him when I drop him off for school. My little man!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Valentine's Day Projects

I could not believe that I sat there and watched my son sign his own Vaentine's Day cards. Oh where oh where has the time gone????
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Enchanted Rock

To kick off our Spring Break, we decided to take doodle to Fredericksburg. We spent Saturday morning climbing Enchanted Rock. He had so much fun exploring and was so proud of himself to climb to the top.

On the summit trail, it was windy!

I did it, I'm a rockstar....I climbed to the top.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

You know Spring is here when....

...all the mountain laurels are in full bloom. The purple clusters that fill the air with the smell of grape kool-aid are plenty! I love them and love that they are located all over our campus. As a bonus, our little mountain laurel that we planted in our front yard a couple of years ago has 4 big clusters of blooms on it.

.....80 degree afternoons- windows opened to let spring into the house.

.....Capri pants and tees, flip flops and pretty, painted toe nails.

.....weddings are in the air! I shot a roof-top wedding downtown on Saturday, shot bridal portraits on Sunday and have 3 wedding invitations hanging on my refrigerator & shooting two in April. I love weddings!!!

.....our garden is planted! every herb under the sun, tomatoes, peppers, asparagus and cucumbers (for our early spring garden.) season is here! Doodle had his first practice on Sunday afternoon. I am not sure who was more excited him or "coach dad." So fun to watch them share this passion. His first game will not be until after spring break and we are so excited. I cannot imagine how cute it will be!

....watching the pool men getting the pool ready.

....anticipating the time change this weekend as we "spring forward."

Good-bye ole' winter and if I may request, we really only want you around for one day next year....Christmas....that will be just fine for this warm-weather loving, outdoor family!

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