Saturday, January 24, 2009

Spurs Game

We were given some awesome tickets for the Spurs game on Friday night. We had so much fun being so close to the action!
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Images from my 33rd

Right before our balloon release. Our birthday tradition is to make a wish for the birthday person and tie to a balloon and send up to the heavens. Doodle's wish for me this year, "I wish mama did not have to do all the cleaning." I like that!

Birthday cupcakes from Kate's frosting on Main.

birthday flowers! (Like my polka-dot curtains I made during Christmas break)
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Field Trip

I was really excited to see that doodle's field trip to the Children's Musem fell on my birthday. It was a perfect way for me to spend the morning of my birthday. He had to ride on the bus with his class as I followed behind. Talk about bringing a mama to tears. My boy on a school bus! We had so much fun exploring the sights.


Doodle & Brooke "shopping" at the HEB display.

Trying out the baking profession.


Doodle and Austin- my responsibilites for the morning!
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I know a little boy who is lego obsessed! He builds and builds and builds.

and then he goes outside to try them out!

he build this truck all on his own in about 30 minutes!
I love things that bring him such content!

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My heart explodes.....

at images of this precious boy!

plain & simple
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I was off on Monday for MLK Day. On that day, doodle learned how to swing himself. Pump those legs and fly!

starting off slow but staying persistant

pump, pump, pump those legs!

enjoying a swing on a beautiful afternoon.
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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Face Off!

hard headed...that would be a good word to describe me.
once I make up my mind to do something there is little that can get in my way.
I get things done this sometimes becomes a weakness.
because I don't stop until I get it done. stubborn. yes. that is me.
so this afternoon, i decide it is high time that the crepe myrtles need to be pruned.
the rule of thumb is they need to be pruned by valentine's day.
close to time and a beautiful day. get it done.
the issue? the boys were playing baseball across the street at the park.
they take that stuff very seriously.
i take my pruning very seriously.
i walk to the park and inform the mr i need the power saw to do a little trimming.
now under any other circumstances there is no way he would ever let me use that thing.
but. it was baseball. Baseball...and that is serious stuff.
so, he follows me back to the house and sets me up with the saw.
i can handle this. i begin to saw. i saw and saw and saw.
what i thought would be a little trim and fit into our trashcan has now become a truck full of limbs.
surely he will load this stuff and take it to the brush recycle for me. right?
back to the park. inform i need the truck (as I think he will just come do it for me.) he hands me the keys and tells me the place closes at 5 so I better hurry.
heck, i already used the power saw what's a little loading, tarping and hauling off?
he never thought i would do it on my own. i never thought he wouldn't come help until i asked.
stalemate! i tossed limbs, i tied down the tarp with some fancy knots and off i went to the brush recycle.
I realized half way there those fancy knots were not that effective of securing the tarp and i really was not sure exactly where the brush recycle place was and it was in that moment I realized how hard headed I am.
in the end, I found the place, I backed the truck up, unloaded the brush and was back home in no time.
he just looked at me with his sleek little smile and said, "baby why didn't you just ask for help?"
and oh crepe myrtles are pruned just as I intended :)

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Just an afternoon outside.....

Getting ready to fertilize the flowers!

Gracie May and doodle.

Me & Sophie Belle

Just a nice afternoon outdoors.
A little yard work.
A little lounging.
Moments with our puppy dogs.
On the backyard swing.
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Zachary's Bug Bash!

Our buddy, Zu!

Bug Hunt!

Trampoline Fun! Yes- that would be doodle in the orange down on the mat.

The mom's!

On Saturday afternoon, we got to celebrate Zachary's 3rd birthday! He had a bug party complete with t-shirts for each kiddo, a bug hunt and trampoline! The kiddos had such a great time and Nat did another awesome job on hosting a great party. As always, I regretted not bringing at least my rebel out to play. The P&S just doesn't always do the job. I regretted not getting a better pic of Zachary.
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It's a guy thing...apparently!

The first weekend in January is always the Monster Jam Truck Show. The commercials start about the same time as the Christmas ones. Since last year, the commercials stop doodle bug in his tracks. Boys love their trucks and it is no exception with this one. MW decided that this year doodle was old enough to go. So after I reassured them this was one of those things I'd just soon sit out, they were on their way. With ear plugs and my P&S camera in tow off they went. Me- well this was the day I got to go for a long walk/run. They returned with souvenirs and special memories of this father-son outing.
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Tuesday, January 13, 2009


My hometown girl, Roni, is doing a fun interview of fellow bloggers. Here is my interview….

1. What is your favorite thing about your mom?
There are many things that I love about my mom but I love the way that she always eagerly helps us with doodle bug. She stayed with us a week after he was born and for the first year spent at least one night a week with us. It gave us a good night’s sleep or a chance for a date night once a week. She just came and spent the night on Saturday so that we could go to a comedy show and the Majestic.
2. What do you want to be doing in 10 years?
Whew…this is a tough one. There are so many things that I want to be doing so it is so hard to narrow it down! Doodle will be a teenager in 10 years (gulp) so I hope to be very involved with his activities….sports, school, etc… I want to be celebrating 20 years of marriage. I hope I have found that balance that I am constantly seeking. I would still like to be involved in teaching in some form or fashion.

3. If you had an hr of free time, what do you like to do?
MSW took doodle bug to Monster Jam on Sunday so I actually did have an hour of free time which is very rare. I went on a 5 mile walk/run. The weather was beautiful, my ipod played the perfect songs and I felt energized the rest of the day. So, I would say do that again or shop at my favorite store, Anthropologie.

4. Can you dance?
Yes…you did not ask if I danced well.LOL. I actually dance almost every day. It is the thing doodle and I do when I am cooking dinner. He picks the tunes and we dance around. MSW also will also grab me and do a few seconds of slow dancing when he gets home from work if the music is still on. I took dance since I was 4 years old so hopefully that qualifies me as a dancer. Go Maverettes!

5. You have 1 child, how many more children would you like? I would love to have a big family. There is nothing that I love more than being a mother. I just don’t think that is in our cards, though. We currently pray to be blessed with one more.

Thanks Roni! That was fun!

Friday, January 9, 2009


*Picture courtesy of Homegrown Hospitality*

Holla! It is Friday- I love Friday's not just because of the obvious, it is the end of the week but because it means....
* I will pick up doodle bug earlier than any other day of the week.
* Friday's are the days he is tested on his Bible verses- he loves this and always has a smile when he tells me how he did. Today is K.
* Sushi night!
* We break from the regular evening routine.
* We stay up later, knowing we can sleep in the next morning.
* I know I will spend the next two days with my boys.
As always we are super busy this weekend. I will be working a little on Saturday to get everything ready for my classes that begin on Monday, msw and I are going to a comedy show at the majestic on sat. night and the boys are going to Monster Jam on Sunday afternoon. As I always say, we live beautiful, full, hectic, crazy lives!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hello 2009!

I did not spend much time reflecting on 2008- there were many ups and a few downs. I have grown this past year and I am really proud of where I find myself at the start of 2009. We have made our 2009 goals- simple yet important ones.

I spent the past 3 weeks enjoying the Christmas season, spending every minute fulfilling the wants of my boy and embracing my life! I have packed Christmas away, thoroughly cleaned and organized our home and prepared for 2009.

I spent this past weekend focusing on relaxation and love. I have gotten my hair done, a cranberry pedi (this was divine!) and spent a day at the spa with my love- being pampered! I have celebrated 10 years of marriage and hoped/dreamed for what the next 10 years will hold for us.

Tomorrow reality hits. It is back to work and school- a new semester- a new (additional) job as I start with UofP on Tuesday. Back to the hectic, busy lives that we live. I will work on balance in 2009.

May your 2009 be everything that you hope for and more!

All dressed up and ready to celebrate!

I am convinced that every girl should have a pair of red shoes!

We celebrated our 10th Wedding Anniversary on January 2, 2009! That night we got all dressed up and enjoyed a scrumptious dinner at Silo. We spent 3 hours dinning, talking and thoroughly enjoying each other. I could not have asked for a more perfect evening! The sweet words shared will always be with me and the diamond bracelet will forever be a reminder of the past 10 amazing years spent with the love of my life.
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Celebrating Love

Mr. & Mrs.

We are so lucky to have this love!

I am not done taking the pictures...he is....
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The day @ Hill Country Hyatt

If you have a special day coming up, I would highly recommend staying at the Hill Country Hyatt Hotel and Spa! Our anniversary falls at such a busy time of the year. Sandwiched between Christmas/New Year's and my birthday, it takes careful planning to mark this date as an event of its own. This year was our 10th and we wanted to make sure that it was memorable! Because MSW had close this week, we were required to be in town. However, this forced us to explore our own backyard which turned out to be just perfect for us. So much of what made this a special time was the man that I shared it with. We truly love each other's company and these days we get so little time to talk and just focus on each other. We reflected, we celebrated and we planned for our future. We both agreed that we could have not asked for a better 10 year start to our marriage. As MSW stated, "we are solid."

Relaxing outdoors after our amazing couple's massage

Enjoying the beautiful the day and beautiful surroundings.

Who could believe that we got so lucky to have 85 degree temperatures on our day @ the spa! We soaked up the sun and hung out by the pool reading and lounging.

As night approached, we finally opened up that bottle of Flying Wizzbangers that we sampled and bought at Homewood Winery while we were in the CA wine country! It was worth the wait!
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Live, Laugh & Love...that's my battle cry! I love this life I've been given & blessed to share it with my handsome hubby, MW, my sweet son, doodle bug, and beautiful sissy belle!