Sunday, March 20, 2011

I guess this will be a place marker of sorts....blogging has not been my thing lately. I have gone back to scrapbooking. While I love both, I seem to alternate between the two and find redundancy in trying to do them simulatenously. I went on a fabulous scrapbook retreat a few weekends ago and that was just enough to light my fire again. Caden has 11 books, I am only on Camdyn's 3rd...but her first year is done! She deserves to have these as a gift one day....pages of her mama's love to flip through. Each page of paper I picked out, just for her. My own handwriting, with little love notes to just her. Embellishments purchased, with only her in mind. is worth it.

But while I am her, I will give an update on 2011 thus far....

1. We are wrapping up a fabulous spring break! We started with a trip to Rockport. My normal Type A self let go and let MSW plan the entire trip for us. So much fun! We fished (sucessfully), ate way too much seafood, shopped, adventured, spend sweet time with just the four of us and soaked up the beautiful weather. We had so much fun and are already planning our next trip down there. I had no idea Rockport was such a cute little town. The historic district has great shopping and they even have the most adorable scrapbook store.

2. We spent the last part of Spring Break on our yard and garden. We did some re-landscapping in the front and put in my garden in the back. So far we have, tomatos (celebrity, cherry reds, romas and grape), jalapenos and bananna peppers, onions, spinach, strawberries, green beans, zuchinni and my herb garden boasts about 12 different kinds. My seedlings are almost ready for the ground and they will add in carrots, cucumbers, okra and yellow squash. LOVE!!!! I love gardening so do my kids which makes for some fabulous afternoons outside. I also started composting. This is new for me but I am 100% committed to an entirely organic garden from the seeds up. So, let's see how this goes. I'm told if my compost begins to steam that is a good thing, that just makes me want to throw up in my own mouth thinking about it.

3. I have also spent the last half cooking. Trying new recipes that take a little more time than I have on working, week nights. So far they have all been a hit. We brought home so much fresh fish and shrimp (bought) from Rockport that I have been able to experiment with seafood. I must say that my parmesean-crusted grouper topped the Lemon Sole at Wildfish! Last night we had a shrimp boil in the backyard...MSW outdid the Boiling Pot!!! I will have to roll into work tomorrow from all this food we have been eating.

4. Baseball season is under way. It is way more serious than seasons past and that is saying alot. MSW had to be chosen as a coach this more just volunteering. There is also a season tournament at the end of the year and for the first time we are keeping a score board. We are the Cubs! My mom has already made me the most fabulous shirt and then decked out all the boys with awesome uniforms and embroidered hats. I'm team mom...only because no one else stepped up to the plate. So I have their water bottles ready (thank you cricut and your fabulous ways of cutting vinyl) and I've made their nameplates for the dugout. Hey, if I am team mom then by golly I'm doing it right. I'm actually very excited for the season. There is nothing like watching your child play a sport that they absolutely adore. Remind me of that when I am getting the bill for the upstairs window that Caden busted out yesterday with a baseball!

5. I'm on the downslide of work. Only the last part of the semester left. So far teaching 18 hours has been hard and fun. I'm ready for summer break for sure. There are still alot of exciting work things ahead for me this semester so it will make these last couple months fun and exciting.

All right so much more, but I need to start getting everyone ready for church...till next time whenever that might be.....

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