Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day 2011





I feel selfish saying this, but I needed this day. This past week won...I lost. From the start of the week I was playing catch-up. The side of the coin that I am not used to being on nor like to be. Small daily hassles, the loss of a childhood friend, the loss of a dear, family friend, long, late meetings, etc... All part of life...all coming at me.

I woke up this morning about 5:30 am to a beautiful, prestine site. A quick check proved that doodle, sissy and I would be spening the day at home. Soon we learned daddy would be here for a while too. We went out to enjoy the fresh powder...there was just a little but being that it only happens about every 25 years this far south...snow is snow.

We played, we drank hot chocolate, I crafted, sissy napped. My house is full of kids, squeals and laughter and nerf darts and I don't even care about the mess. The kiddos are having a blast and so am I. Exactly just the type of day that I needed on this unexpected day off with snow!
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We had ourselves a party


We decided to throw ourselves a little party this year. My dear friend, Natalie, and I share birthdays that are within the same week. We had dinner (Carrabbas) and then went bowling. I had so very much fun. Every time I looked around I saw my favorite people, lots of high-fiving, laughing, hugs, fun and true happiness. These core group of friends are my people. Friends from different aspects of my life all coming together to share a good time. It was awesome to see everyone having a great time. Life is about moments just like these!
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