Saturday, February 27, 2010

My baby love is 4 months old

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Dear Camdyn,

In a blink of an eye, you are four months old. Today we went to see Dr. Davis for your check-up. Lucky for us, she opened up a Stone Oak office. It literally takes all of 5 minutes to get there (and is a much nicer office than the one in the medical center!) At four months old, you weigh 16 pounds, 11 ounces (greater than 95%) and measure 26 inches (95%). You are yummy! Dr. Davis was most impressed with you, love. You are about 2 months ahead developmentally, she said. You showed off all your tricks and she was so amazed that she asked if you could already sit on your own too. I told her that you can for a little while but that you were still unstable while doing it. She had to test it out. :) And in your true rock star fashion, you sat there,all by yourself, as we marveled at you. The irony of it is that I have no desire at all for you to be "ahead." I want you to stay baby for as long as possible. I look at the days flying by and I want to scream at them to slow down. I purposely hold you a little more and protect you from trying new things but looks like you, Miss Priss, don't see it my way. So you already roll over, sit on your own, are just about to break through 2 bottom teeth and wave. Yes, at 4 months old you already wave bye-bye. It is a little trick that daddy taught you. Just know that if you want to slow down on all would be just fine by mama! :)

Dr. Davis recommends already trying you on baby food! One new fruit a week. Really?!?! My ultra conservative pediatrician? I protested! She conceded to at least try 2 new fruits before we see her again at 6 months, but that I really need to start you on cereal now. Daddy did not like this idea either, worried that your little tummy is not ready for that (or maybe just wanting to hold on to your babyness too!) But with your size, the fact that any day we will have 2 teeth and your development she thought it was best. Truth is you drink 8 oz of milk every 2-3 hours- the milk is just not holding you over any more! Daddy and I looked back at brother's baby book and you are holding your own with him. He was an inch longer and a pound heavier (my gosh he was a moose!) but bc the chart is adjusted for male/female, percentile rank- you are exactly the same.

I cannot even put into words how wonderful you are, my darling. We thought we had it good with bubba. And he was, a very good baby! I realize that I am totally going to jinx us by saying all this but in years when you look back at these words, I want you to know totally awesome you are! You sleep like a champ! You still will occasionally wake up about 2:30 am for a bottle (maybe some cereal and fruit will keep you satisfied through the night) but you never cry. From your cradle, you kinda grunt at me, like c'mon mama wake-up and get me. Once the last ounce is down, you go straight back to sleep. The only way we knew you were teething was because of the drool and way you were gnawing at your hand. It did not even cross my mind we were so close to a tooth until Dr. Davis found both of them! No fever, no have been your sweet, happy self.

You have earned a new nickname is our house, spikey mikey! Sweet love, you got your daddy's hair! It sticks up all over the top. You don't have much hair so it is not too obvious but when we dry your head after a bath, you look like a little chick!

Everyone professes that you look like your brother. I see it some, but to me you just look like Camdyn. You do love your brother, though. He reads to you each night (he is an excellent reader)and you are mesmerized by this attention. You tolerate his strong love (easy does not exist for him). You love to sit up and watch everyone and everything. You are particularly fond of watching his basketball games. We hold you so that you can see the game and we don't hear a peep out of you for the entire game. You follow the ball and kids and laugh in delight from time to time. I hope you love tee-ball as much :) We never hesitate to take you out somewhere because you are always so good. In fact, last Friday night we took you to a fancy dinner at the Tower of Americas.

You love to dress up and when I am shopping for you, you truly look interested in all the pretty clothes! When I put a dress on you, your face lights up! I had you all fancied up for The Tower, complete with a faux fur shoulder wrap. I could tell you felt so pretty in it and you kept rubbing the soft fabric and smiling. I think you have a taste for the finer things :)!

I am carving out time for just us where ever I can. Bubba had so much one-on-one time and I want you to have the same thing. I take off days and keep you with me. Like today, we went to your appointment, shopping, lunch and then you went to the salon with me. You love it there and you love all the people and all the attention you get! You are passed around while I get my hair done. Pretty soon, those trips will entail a pedicure for you! Bubba was invited to a movie night at the A's house this evening (we are so fortunate to have the friends that we do and live in this neighborhood.) So you, me and daddy went out to dinner. You enjoy and deserve the focus on just you! You are cutting two teeth, got three shots today, did not have a good nap (too busy at the salon)and you still sat at dinner like a little lady.

I think my lucky stars for you, sweet love!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's 2010

We mark the occasion in the simpliest of is not a huge holiday in our house. We celebrate love everyday anyways. But, her outfit called for a special shoot. The day after I found out I was having a girl I went shopping, of course. This was one of the very first things I bought for her. I think I paid $1.97 for the top and maybe .99 for the tights on clearance at Old Navy. I waited and waited for this holiday so that I could dress her up in that outfit. I found the mini skirt a couple of weekends ago to go along with the outfit. I had hoped for an outdoor shoot but the cool temps made me want to keep my babies inside. So, that meant getting a little creative with the props.

Doodle has been really sick with bronchitis. He has coughed his little head off for the past couple of days. I did not think he would feel like or be up to a Valentine's Day shoot (assumed he is way too cool for that!) Boy, was I wrong. As he watched me set up sissy (he agreed to be my assistant) his little wheels must have began to turn. He disappeared to his room. He returned in his size 5T Valentine's Day shirt. I did not have the heart to tell him he had outgrown that shirt a couple of years ago. He even fixed his own hair. "Mama, when you are done with sissy I will do a shoot too." Oh melt my heart. He has always been my little model. He was the one I tried everything out on- how could I have even thought of leaving him out? I am so glad he wanted to do this too. And the images of my almost 6 year old still posing for me bring instant tears to my eyes. How did I get so lucky?????

And so we spent about 30 minutes having our "Valentine's Day Party Shoot." What these pictures may not reveal is this took place in sissy's room, her crib holding up the backdrop. Daddy in one corner making her smile and me from all angles trying to get the shot. We took time-outs when sissy would get a little too close to the candy and sneak a little lick. More time-outs for doodle to cough. I love the images but more so I love that they will always remind me of our Valentine's Day back when our littles were little and just the four of us could have so much fun with a $3.00 bag of Valentine hearts.




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Love, the baby girl.

It is the thing I say to you 600 times a day, baby sister. LOOOOOVE (pause) the baby girl (in a sing-song voice). You always smile back at me. When I call to check on you when I am at work, Ms. Laura holds the phone to you so that I can say that to you. She says you smile when you hear it. Oh how happy you make me, my little love.




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My Valentine bUgS

So glad they have each other to love on (at least at this stage).



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~Sweet Doodle Bug~

Oh doodle bug...I love you so.




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More of Miss Priss




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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thursday Muse

Because sometimes it is in the everydayness of it all....
I like to look back at my blog and see what I was doing one year ago at this time. Would be better if I blogged everyday....but, you know how that goes. So, just to document what is going on at the start of February 2010.

* I broke up a fight yesterday at work. A serious, punching of a guy's head into the ground fight. Between two Veteran students- damn PTSD! Grown men going at it because one popped off to the other. Why oh why am I always the only one around when these things happen? I was too scared to physically get between the two, they had fire in their eyes. So I yelled at them, screamed, actually. Eventually once I caught their attention they slowed enough for me to get in between them. The secretary had called campus police and they arrived just as I was worried that I was not going to keep them separated any longer. One was arrested, one had a huge knot by his eye. I hate fights! Period.

* I am loving Wednesday nights. MSW and doodle go to basketball practice. I love they have this "guy" time. They both come home so happy. I love that me and sissy have our girl time too. Last night, I gave her a bubbly bath and then I took a bubble bath. We both had on comfy pjs and we climbed into my big, warm bed and snuggled. She drifted off to sleep while I started re-reading Raising Cole. Love that book and loved being comfy and relaxing at 7:30.

* I am ready for the weekend to be here. I have several projects I need to work on. Namely, v-day stuff.

*Where is the sunshine???????? That's all I have to say about that.

* Sissy belle is wearing pink cowgirl boots and skinny leg jeans today. She looks ADORABLE!

* Doodle shared with me that he has a "crush" on Madison. But, it is a total secret. Only Cole knows and he has a crush on Courtney. Do they even know what a crush is? Love the innocence of being 5!

*We are working on all our summer plans and it makes me so excited. We are trying to decide if Camy is ready for a big trip or if we should just do some small trips. MSW has his guys' trip in the books and Nat and I are confirmed for our trip in May. As exciting as all that it is, I am also just looking forward to lazy summer afternoons at the pool with C & C. I bought Camy two suits last weekend. OMG!

*I teach back to back classes in just a few minutes. The first on Personality and the second on Altered States of Consciousness. I have two awesome lectures planned. I am a nerd bc I am so excited to get in there and do my thang! Love that I still get excited about teaching.

*The last thing I remember before falling asleep last night was MSW saying, "I am so happy you are my wife!" Love that man!

*And I am off to go rock out these two lectures! Happy Thursday!

Monday, February 1, 2010

La-Dee-da Photography

I am sure you have given up on checking my photography blog. One of my students was redesigning my website so I thought I would hold off on posting any recent shoots until he was done. But, then he went and got a fancy job and my little website fell off his grid. So, we are back to the blog for now at least.

So many exciting things in my photography world. Wedding contracts being signed for the summer, a new partnership forming with Versi Salon and the plans are in the works to go to California this May and train with my idol photographer! Love this little hobby of mine!!!

Camdyn's 3 month video

I am having so much fun with my Flip video. Just a little something I was playing around with tonight..... annoying is my voice????

Camdyn @ 3 months from Dee Wallis on Vimeo.

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