Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Conversations with my Little Man

Sometimes it is hard to decipher if I am talking to a 5 year old or a 90 year old man....

On our way home from Vacation Bible School yesterday the convo went something like this.

Doodle: "Mama we have a concert on Friday night @ the church and I would really like to go but I know it is not what will be best for the family."

Me: "Why do you think that will not be best for the family?"

Doodle: "Well, the concert would not be a bad thing to attend but I know that we are leaving on our trip Friday morning and I would not want to hold up the family."

Me: "It is so nice for you to consider the 'family'. Maybe you can go to the concert next year.

**I find it hilarious that we are now referred to as "the family."**

I had a terrible sinus headache yesterday and was doing everything possible to avoid having to take medicine. Doodle wanted to go swimming and I explained to him that the heat and water would already make a bad headache unbearable and that I just wanted to relax for a little while...

Doodle: "Mama, I know what you need to do about that headache you have."

Me: "What Honey? Please tell me so that it will stop hurting."

Doodle: "You know that umbility cord (umbilical cord) that goes to Camdyn? You let it get too dry and now she is mad and making your head hurt. You need to eat so that the umbility cord will fill back up and she won't make your head hurt anymore."

Me: "You think that will do the trick?"

Doodle: "Of course! Sometimes I think I am the only problem solver around this place."

As I find it harder to bend over, I am asking for assistance from Mr. Doodle Bug. A sack had fallen into the front floor board and I could not reach it and asked him, "baby, can you please hop into the front and grab that bag for me?"

Doodle: "Yes, mama but I am not a baby, I am already 5.

Me: "You are right, you are a big boy but you will always be my baby. Even when you are married you will still be my baby."

Doodle: "I have been thinking about that and I decided that I am not going to get married."

Me: "Why not???"

Doodle: "Well, all the girls my age are pretty good. They are pretty and would be good for me but older girls, well, I just can't seem to find one that would be good."

I was laughing so hard inside that I could not even respond. I guess he thinks girls stay the same age so he has to find an older one??? Not sure but glad to know that he is not into older women yet!

On the baby front....

Camdyn is a mover and a shaker. I cannot believe that something that only weighs one pound can cause the movement that she does. Last night I was laying on my bed feeling her move all around and ram her head into my side. I pulled my shirt up to see if I could "see" her and not just feel her. MSW was sitting at the computer and looked over just in time to see her do a huge flip that caused my whole belly to ripple. The look on his face was priceless! I keep telling him how much she moves and now he can see that for himself!

I need to find a support group for "Gone crazy girl shopping." How can the clothes and accessories be so cute? I must stop before I spend all our $$$. Today I hit the jackpot at Gymboree. They have a huge sale right now. I am talking $30.00 outfits marked down to $3.99 with 99 cent accessories. I bought her 8 outfits for $50.00. I purchased the pink Caden Lane bedding and have been working on all kinds of accessories for her and doodle's new rooms. I think I have "borrowed" every idea imaginable from Nursery Couture. Can't wait to have their rooms all put together. MSW should wrap up the painting in doodle's room tonight and then we can start moving him in there and then start painting the baby's room!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's a GIRL!!

For the past 15 weeks I have wondered throughout the days if this baby was a boy or girl. While my heart had already lovingly accepted either, my practical side was dying to know. I wanted to shop, plan, paint, sew, etc.... Plans were made for either a boy or girl and anticipation grew as we checked off the passing days. Early signs pointed to a boy...intelligender said boy, all the old wives' tales held for a boy and my pregnancy was almost identical to doodle's. However, deep down I was very hesitant to accept this was a boy as something told me otherwise. I only shared this with MSW. I had bought several pink outfits and 5 pairs of sweet baby girl shoes. Each time I brought home a pink purchase, MSW would ask "you really think it is a girl, huh?" I guess I did but was afraid to be wrong about my prediction. As June 17th approached I became more and more certain it was a she. MSW and doodle both thought boy. I could not sleep the night before, I was too excited and hopeful for a healthy baby. We arrived promptly at 8:15 am and waited only a few minutes before going back to the room. The sono tech greeted us warmly and made doodle feel a big part of the moment. She went through all her checks, explaining each image thoroughly. Towards the end, she informed us that she would now try to see the baby's sex. Within a few seconds, she had a great image up and I immediately saw the "3 white lines." Little boy parts were missing and after double checking with a few more shots, she felt sure this is a girl. Doodle took the news well and exclaimed, "let's go buy her a little dress!"
Miss Camdyn Elizabeth will be the perfect addition to our family!
Of course, we think she is absolutely beautiful from the sonogram pictures and cannot wait to meet her! First and foremost, we feel blessed that all indications are that she is perfectly healthy. I am so thrilled about the idea of having a daughter. Beyond the sweet clothes, bows and pink I get to incorporate into our world, I love the thought of having the mother-daughter relationship. We feel so blessed....a boy and a girl. We get to experience them games and dance recitals, busy boy activeness and little girl drama, rocks and bugs and dolls and tea parties.
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Sono #3

Sonogram #3 was such an exciting visit! In addition to finding out that baby is growing perfectly healthy, we also found out that she is a GIRL! We had a great tech that explained every image to us and did a thorough job of checking out our baby girl. We saw her heart, brain, lungs and stomach. All seems to be great! She put on a little show for us as we lovingly fussed over every little movement she made. She had the hiccups, stretched (arching her little back) and showed off her swallowing techniques. She is measuring exactly a week ahead and is very active. She kicked and moved the entire time.

As of June 17, 2009 she weighs a little over 1 pound, maintains heartbeat right and 140 and looks great!

Daddy took the two sono pictures that say "Girl" and the really cute profile shot to work to show off so I will post those later on.
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Sunday, June 7, 2009

My fish and 5 year old photo shoot

We spend at least some amount at the pool just about every day. Doodle cannot get enough swimming...he loves it! He and Dad headed to the pool while I stayed behind to finish up the laundry and dust our bedroom. As I was dusting I decided today was the perfect day to take doodle's 5 year old pictures. So, I grabbed my camera and thought what better place to start than at the pool!

I was about to crop out MSW's hand when I stopped...this is how it is...daddy is always within a hand reach away and so I decided that I loved his hand right there in the picture. ***Warning*** What follows next is a ridiculous amount of pictures from today's shoot. You may kindly excuse yourself now unless of course you want to admire the fabulous Mr. Doodle Bug in all his 5 year old glory. He did so very well today and I heart these pictures alot! Enjoy!
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My student's work makes for the perfect place.

I have many talented who is always telling me about his graffiti wall. I promised him that I would use his work as a background for one of my shoots. What better opportunity than to shoot my own doodle bug there. I cannot wait to show these to Eric- I think his wall photographs great!

Could he look any older (or more handsome) in this picture!

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More of the doodle...

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Just around the corner....

Just around the corner gave us a totally different feel to these shots.

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Time for some close-ups...

I get that I am biased, I am his mama after all, but I cannot help myself! I want to eat him up with a spoon!

He knows how to work the camera!

My precious little man!

Show mama what ya got doodle bug!
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A fun, colorful wall and a student desk

When I was on my sewing table hunt, in which I ended up with a rocking chair instead, we also came across this little student desk. I fell in love with it because I am a nerd and I love school and this desk is TOTAL school. Doodle feel in love with it because it was just his size and he declared it his "math desk." I thought this would be a great prop for his 5 year old shoot as he is on the brink of starting school- oh and it was $9.99. This building made for the perfect backdrop for this phase of the shoot.

Contemplating school....

Trying it out....

Getting comfy....

and he is so over it.
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More of the "student pose"

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End of the day

After the shoot and a great dinner @ Fish City Grill, we headed home. I have been scouting a flower field close to home that I am thinking about using for my maternity shoot. The sun was setting and I need practice with flare, so one more stop. At this point, he was no longer feeling the groove but still gave me a chance to get some pics with a different feel.

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Friday, June 5, 2009

The images of my domestic week

Homemade decorative cookies for doodle's tee-ball party tomorrow. I made 3 dozen of these, some with the team name and some with each player's name. The red icing bled into the white royal icing....oh well.

Name banner for doodle's new room. We are expanding the sports theme and I thought this would be a cute idea.
I still need to secure to a rope or ribbon of sorts and then decide where we want to hang it. We picked out his bunk beds today! Can't wait to add them to his new room. We (MSW) need to paint first.

Bibs and burp cloths made with love! The back is a blanket I made. I cannot wait to get them embroidered and make more- ones that are more gender specific once we know!

This I cannot take credit for- that goes to Caden Lane. I have been shopping all over for the perfect nursery bedding. I love Caden Lane- it was not available when I was shopping for baby doodle so I was determined to get it this time around. I love the Classic Neutral line. However, most designs are either discontinued or on back order-not to mention the $$$. I used to eBay and what better time to open back up my account. On the third day searching, there it was. The bedding that I picked out for a boy- brand new! The seller was a novice- I knew because she posted a ridiculously low "buy it now" price and offered free shipping. There was no point in even getting in a bidding war with that option. My hesitation, though it could work for a girl too, is this is what I would want only for a boy and that is information that we are yet to know. After a great lunch with my sounding board, Natalie, who said "go for it at that price", that is exactly what I did. It arrived yesterday and is perfect! It is brand new, never taken out of the package and cutter in person! I adore it! I am not going to take it out of the package yet in case I end up reselling it on eBay because we are having a girl. However, I keep looking at it and thinking with a little of this and a little of that in the room I could totally make this adorable for a girl. And then I look at the pink stuff and decide she will need pink. I am on the hunt for a little sewing table, so I stopped by my favorite resale store this morning. I found the perfect rocking chair that matches the green of this bedding perfectly. I despised my glider- it was so uncomfortable and is long gone. I have my eye on the ridiculous $1200 rocker from Pottery Barn but had yet to justify a rocker being worth that much. So the little rocker I found is nothing too fancy but was in perfect condition, comfortable and the best part....$63.00. For that price, I bought it. I love bargains!
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