Sunday, September 28, 2008


* Today, a day, that we have nothing that we have to do and no where that we have to be- that feels great!
* In less than 2 weeks, we will be on our way to Cali! Much to do for preps, big dreams of photos that I'm going to take while there and unsure of how I am going to back my tripod- a little boy who can't wait! Disney sends a free DVD to plan your trip- we've picked out the attractions from it that are on his must-see list!
* I love fall.
* I could use your prayers! I applied for a new job and I got it! I'm torn, excited, scared and everything else. I love most aspects of my current job, I see it as my stewardship in many ways. I don't like the time I am away from home to be there. The new job- teaching exclusively online for a in no going in to work, work from home, on my own schedule- huge flexibility! I can walk doodle to and from school next year, be home when he gets home from school- all the while doing the teaching that I love and earning $$$$. Sounds to good to be true, right? That is what I am afraid of? But what is life without risks, right? For now, I will be doing both jobs. It will be crazy, yes. But, it will be the only way to test the waters of the new job w/o loosing something that I've worked so hard to get to. I'm up for Assistant Professor this year...figures, right? I have worked so hard to get this promotion- if all goes right with this new job I will resign right before I get the promotion. It is a sacrifice I am so willing to make if it means more time at home being wife and mommy- two positions that I cherish deeply. The new job is like contract work, no guarantee that I'll get a full load of classes each term. Right now, I'm tenure-track and salaried two things highly regarded in my field. If you will, pray that I am guided to make the right decision- I won't make one until May.
* We are putting up our Halloween decorations today!
* I need to shampoo my red rug downstairs, it's yuck....I don't want to do it, should I hire someone?
* Yesterday was my mama's b-day. I spent the day with her, grandma and my aunt Jeanne. I love them so much! I feel lucky to have special girl time with them.
* I bought doodle's Halloween costume yesterday- he is going to be a cowboy sheriff. I could eat him up in it!
* I'm off to go work on a craft project.
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Dinner on the patio....

Have you ever made homemade pizza? Moreover, have you ever made GRILLED homemade pizza? uhh.....YUM! What a perfect dinner for a perfect day. Our topping choices....spinach, mushrooms, red onion, pepperoni and tomatoes (paired w/ a pinot grigio for those 21 &up). Dinner on the patio....a little candlelight, some Bob Marley playing, the best company a girl can have and nice temps--heaven right here on Earth I tell you!
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A Saturday evening in the kitchen

The story behind the pics that appear and then disappear????? What is up with blogger?

There are many things that I enjoy doing with doodle bug but one of my favorites is cooking. I love to cook and I think it will be a great gift to him that he knows his way around the kitchen as he gets older. It takes forever....we discuss ingredients, where they come from, measurements, etc.... A meal that would take 30 minutes to prepare often takes an hour but we are in no rush- that's the whole point. So, after the soccer game on Saturday we got set-up in the kitchen. On the menu, pico de gallo & tortilla chips, grilled pizza (other post) and homemade cheesecake with fresh strawberries. We listen to music, we cook, we enjoy the moment.

The days of Soccer

There is so much to say about the experience of being a soccer mom! We are having so much fun. I think it is most fun because we are doing it together. Big Daddy is known as "Coach" in our house on Thursdays & Saturdays, I have too much fun planning the snacks, drinks and the little prizes we hand out @ practice and games and Caden is learning sportsmanship, team work and compromise. We are meeting some really great people through the league. Our team has the best parents that we could ask for and we are having so much fun getting to know the players and parents.

Watching MW coach makes me love him even more (if that is possible!) The patience, caring and effort he puts in for these little people is above and beyond for a man who is already so busy and so wonderful in so many capactities. I could not be more proud of both of my boys!
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Monday, September 22, 2008

Pictures are worth a thousand words....

I miss blogging....I intend to blog....I want to blog...
Where does the time go? So much to catch up on- just no time to do it! For now, consider
this a photo essay of what I have been up to. Keep checking back....surely things will begin to slow down....maybe?

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Samples of Bridals & babies

I'm getting back into the photography groove....
Friday I had the honor and pleasure of shooting one of my dear friend's baby, Miss E! I love that baby girl! So sweet and tiny and perfect in every way. Sunday was Bridal Portraits. As you can see, I had lots of fun playing with my new Photoshop! What do you think???

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We are an official Soccer Family

Team Name: Fire Ants
Coach: Daddy-O (MSW)
Thursday Practices & Saturday Games
Way too CUTE!

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Watch out & you better stay clear of me...

Did you know that I have a unique gift (if indeed that is what you want to call it)? I have a tendency to be in the right place, at the right time for really strange things to occur. is rather amazing.

A few years back I was in a tornado, a major fire and a tropical storm that caused terrible flooding to Houston all in one week. Is that not talent or what! Obviously, by God's good grace none of them proved to be more than just a little scary.

Meg- remember the tornadoes on the day of your wedding? I have to say that not everyone has been cautioned off the road by storm chasers and plunged into a ditch all while wearing a bridesmaid dress. Only to return to Texas and be met with an oil tanker explosion as she drove over the ship channel- I will always remember driving through that fireball! The topper of the week was having Tropical Storm Allison park over Houston and dump feet of water in a matter of a few hours which left me stranded on I-10 for 12 hours. I was finally rescued by MW's uncle and a group of Masons. I watched a man drown in front of was serious stuff!

So my point, it looks like we just might be setting up for my next round. The fire...check.... That's right my office building caught fire Wednesday night. The fire just happened to be right above my office and directly across the hall from my classroom. We were just let into the bldg. on Monday. It is like working in a smokehouse! fun times... Next on the list? Hurricane Ike has me a little worried- looks like he might be gunning for me which could be the tornadoes or the flood, or both! I kid, kinda....

Monday, September 8, 2008

Where Oh' Where....

Where are we leaving to in a month from tomorrow???? A few hints....

-there will be lots of sun and miles of beaches!
-On doodle's must see list....Mickey and friends.
-On mama's list....Pinkberry, Laguna Beach and Hollywood Blvd.
On big daddy's list...see a smile on our faces!

We can't we come! Have I mentioned I am married to THE greatest man on Earth! Thanks honey for surprising us with this trip! Mucho amor!

First homework project

A little brag on doodle bug! Who just happened to get the first good behavior star in his class and was chosen as the first Student of the Week. He had to complete all of these little sayings about himself. It took forever- I wanted him to really do it and it was not perfect but it was the cutest thing I have ever seen! Way to go, sweet boy!
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First Day of Preschool

These crack me up! I sent the boys alone to the first day. It was my first day of classes and I teach first thing in the morning. I knew MW could handle it and also knew it would be easier on me too (I could see myself still crying in front of college students). I sent the camera and this is what they came home with. Why he is holding a blanket and not his backpack- ummm who knows! Love these boys to the moon and back!
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While part of me gets excited about change, the new possibilities, the unknown of what is ahead; part of me always resists change. I realize life is about constant changes (oxymoron, huh) but sometimes change is scary....uncomfortable.

We are in the midst of changes. The biggest is doodle bug going to a new school. He has been with Laura since he was 8 weeks old. While the change has not effected him in the least, for us, well- we are getting used to the change. For me, it is realizing I cannot pick up the phone to call and see how he is doing- what he is up to. It is not getting straight if today is Spanish or Computer class. It's realizing he is in school, not daycare. It is a true sign he is growing up! Mama is holding on tight. (I will do a whole post on how wonderful his new school is. We could not have chosen a better place for him to go in my opinion...the child is excelling in every sense of the word.)

Another change- our plans. I am a planner by nature. I love it. My thoughts are always months ahead. Sometimes life throws you a curve ball, unforeseen, requiring changes to be made to those plans. We lost a baby in July- I was about 6 weeks a long. I am good now- it took 4 weeks for me to resemble my old self in terms of mood, etc... But I am in a good place now, with a better perspective on life, I think. Our plans have changed, not by our choosing and we are having to readjust. God is in control- I need to remember that more often!

My work has changed- new administration, new classes, new hours (I'm trying an earlier in- earlier out) a new school year. All is proving to be just fine- though I was resistant to it all in the beginning.

Another change- I am no longer the center of the social calendar. Nope...that would be our son now. New school friends, new parents to meet, Michael is the head soccer coach- another group of new people in our lives', I'm room mother- a new set of responsibilities. While we are loving it, what alot of changes for our little family.

And then the new blog. Another change....

My prayer each night as of late, is that I embrace these changes as new opportunities for growth, new friendships and new experiences.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Welcome to the new pad

Thanks for making the move over to the new site. I love blogging and I love to share it with anyone who is interested in our little corner of the world- within reason, I suppose. This new blog should provide a little more privacy from the google searches (our names will not be used) while not having to password protect.

So, I'm back in the game and I've missed you guys!

I'll be on a blogging binge to catch up on the happenings of the last month....stay tuned!

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