Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Camy is One Month Old!

{Insert one month come}

November 23, 2009

I cannot believe that today she is one month old! I want time to slow down. I love her as a newborn and I am not ready for that to fade yet! She is such a good baby, rarely fusses, eats and sleeps well too. She has learned to smile and will smile when I talk to her in my "sissy belle" voice. She goes with the flow and does not mind that I drag her around down, decide to play dress up with her or set her in her seat, crank up the ipod and make dinner as I dance around her. She is total sugar!

For mama's notes....
*she takes a 4 oz. bottle every 2-3 hours during the day.
*she still sleeps most of the time but her awake times are becoming longer and more frequent.
*She slept through the night for the the first two weeks. For weeks 3-4, she wakes up at 3:30 am and then is usually up again at 7:30 a.m.
*As we progress into the 4th week, she is sleeping longer. Last night she slept from 10:00 pm to 6:30 am, took a bottle, and went back to sleep.
*loves, loves her bath each evening.
*loves to stare at her daddy- I think she is trying to figure out why he comes and goes so much.
*she still gets a little gas at night but does not really fuss about it and it seems to be getting better.
*she loves the swing!
*she is soothed by music.
*her little cheeks are getting chubby!
*She has outgrown most of her NB clothes and is even wearing some 3-6 month clothing(sizes vary so much by brand.)
*She is doing a great job of tracking with her eyes.
* When she is getting hungry, she either starts sticking out her tongue or sucks on her hand. If you don't get her a bottle within a few minutes, she will start yelling at you. It is not a cry, just a "hey, hey...where is it?"

Love, love, love that baby girl!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Back at it again....

I took a long maternity break from photography (except for our pics). It felt so good to be back at it today and I had so much's a peek!

La-dee-da Photography

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Time...wait, please!





I woke up with the realization that by week's end my baby will be four weeks old. It is going so fast and I know that with each passing day more and more of her newborness is fading. My heart began to race...and I reached for my camera. The reason I love photography SOOOOO much is because it is my way to freeze time. Photographs bring back the moments for me. They are reminders of some of my most precious moments. This series of pictures will remind me of these days....I will remember what a beautiful crisp morning it was, I will remember the way her milk dribbled out of her milk mid-shoot, I will remember the need to capture her in time, I will remember this baby girl at 3 weeks who captured my heart.
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Mommy & Sissy Belle

I am not sure where we get nicknames from. How do they originate? In our home, Camdyn is a variety of names....

Baby Girl
and mommy's usual name for her...Sissy Belle!




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Art Gala 2009

This child is so many things. He is sweet, he is rough, he is athletic, he is smart, he is extroverted, and the list goes on.... We could not be more proud of this child. He won first place in the Science Fair last week and last night we got all dressed up to hit the red carpet for his art gala. He submitted 3 pieces of work...a watercolor, an oil painting and a photograph. He was so excited about the event. He informed me that he wanted to wear a black bow tie, a clear shirt (plain white shirt) and a black jacket. I looked every where but could not find a black bow tie so we went with a red one- the only one to be found at North Star Mall yesterday! And instead of a "clear" shirt he wore one with a little more jazz. And oh my did he look handsome! Mimi stayed at home with Camy so that MSW and I could focus on doodle. We walked the red carpet, he was interviewed by the press and the paparazzi snapped his picture. It was adorable!!! He worked the room- my goodness this child has charm and found two of his pieces being displayed. Soon the slide show began with the pieces that were being forwarded for district judging. We stood watching the screen change and sweet doodle had his little hands clasped together in anticipation. "Oh please, let mine be up there too!" And it was!!! His oil painting was chosen to represent his school at the district level. He was so proud!!!

I just feel lucky to be a passenger on this ride. He adds so much to our lives!


My handsome little man!


Being interviewed by the "Press."


"Didn't you star in finding Nemo?" To which he replied, "No way, I am not a fish!"


Sweet boy!
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Art Gala #2


Exhibit #1- watercolor that he did at school.


Taking a little "beverage" break. He just had to have some soda. He never has soda so the fizz caught him a little off guard.

Submission #2- Sunset picture up at the top.
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Reminder of 9 months....


I was cleaning up our bedroom, which turned into a deep cleaning of every inch of our bedroom. I started cleaning out my nightstand and after throwing away what seemed like the 100th bottle of Tums, I pulled them back out to see just how many were in my nightstand. These empty bottles (one is full) were all in my nightstand. No telling how many were thrown away before! Yes- heartburn was a considerable "problem" during my pregnancy. Oh the has only been 3 1/2 weeks but seems like so long ago already. I don't miss the heartburn!
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Monday, November 16, 2009

Camdyn's Sip-n-See

We had a little sip-n-see on Saturday for some friends to come over and meet Camdyn. We had a really nice time and appreciate everyone who came! Camdyn slept the whole time (except for a 15 minute bottle break). It was so much fun to show off our girl and catch up with the wonderful people who fill our lives! I also had so much fun with 3 of my favorite girls picking out clothes for our family photo shoot! We feel so blessed and touched during these beautiful days.


The table with goodies.


Some of the wonderful ladies that I work with.


Natalie and Taylor with Camdyn.


She finally woke up once everyone was gone.
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Friday, November 13, 2009

1st Place @ Science Fair...holla!

He came home sometime in September with a note about the Science Fair. "Mama, I really want to enter!" Since they did the first "experiment" last year at Castle Hills, he has been very interested in Science. Of course, you can enter! We received the packet of rules and regulations and he and I spent an evening googling appropriate projects. He decided upon one with magnets. We talked about it for weeks. Then I got anxious to get working on it, knowing that I would soon be making a trip to the hospital. It was so important to me that I did not let this opportunity slip by for him because of Camdyn's birth. The three of us spent an afternoon looking for supplies and magnets. And then we got busy and I grew more and more pregnant and tired.

The deadline was approaching and he was reminding me about the fair. With Camdyn in my arms and an eager little boy by my side, we went to work. I was determined that this was HIS project so I held fast to make him do everything for it. Which as any parent knows, takes 5 times longer. Oh the urge, just to do it myself and be done with it. But he worked and worked and I barked and barked :) and then my mom came and helped us finish it out with a late trip to Home Depot for a piece of metal. And finally he was done and it was turned in.

As we walked into the Science Fair I never really thought about the competition piece of it. I was just proud that he finished and entered his project. And honestly, I was proud of myself too for helping him despite just having a baby and being home alone (last week was year end close for MSW which is a post in its self). There were two long row of tables, Kinder 1st, 2nd were all set-up together. We passed the first row which all had participant ribbons hanging. Cool he will get a ribbon, it is all good! And then we came to the one right next to his and there hung a red ribbon. That is when it occured to me that this was a competition. My mind started to prepare for explaining why not everyone always wins, etc... But, then we reached his project. And there hung a blue ribbon! And I will be honest, I got a little teary! He spent the evening explaing to all his friends what he did for his project. It was a great night...he was so proud. We spent the walk home talking about next year's project possibilities!




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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Our walk home





We walk home from school everyday. The weather has been glorious and I treasure the 30 minute walk. I push the stroller and doodle stays a few steps ahead of us. I watch him and it is almost as though he grows right before my eyes. I beg for time to stand still but it ticks on. He stops to examine a bug on the sidewalk or pick a flower that he runs back to hand to me. I watch in awe, my son, when did he get so big and independent? We talk, even though he is always at least 5 steps ahead. We talk about the day, who got their dot flipped or what he had for lunch. Camy sleeps and it is precious time with my doodle. I'm soaking it in....
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2 weeks & tutus




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More Pretty Princess



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Monday, November 2, 2009



Snuggle time with big brother!


One week check-up with Dr. Davis. Only 2 ounces shy of birth weight and a little jaundice but nothing to worry about.


Hanging out in her seat while mommy gets some stuff done.

She is total sweetness....complete love.
She puts a smile on everyone's face,
and makes you want to spend all day cuddling.
She is already a mama's girl and I am loving that!

Daddy went back to work today. I cried last night. Not because I was worried about being alone but because I will really miss those first days at home bonding with daddy. I will miss sharing each little smile and toot (girlfriend can toot) with daddy. We are doing really good, though. I am actually much more productive with my Mr. not here except for the 100 phone calls from him checking in on us. Camy hangs out in her seat (thanks it!) while I have been writing thank you notes, working on her baby book and editing the 500+ photos we took last week alone. And so begins a new chapter in this beautiful life, days at home with just my girl. I am going to soak up each minute. From 7:30-2:30 it is girl time and then off to go pick up doodle. This life, these moments, my cup runneth over!
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