Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sonogram #2

Last Thursday we went for a measurement sonogram. Baby is still a good week ahead of measurement but I only gained one pound in the last 3 weeks- 6 total so far. I am trying very hard to eat very healthy and walk as much as possible. My appetite exploded this weekend so I am sure in a couple of weeks when I go for my regular visit I will not be as lucky with the scale. The sonogram tech must have had some pinned up emotions that she decided to take out on me. She was pushing so hard on my belly! I was initially holding MSW's hand as "look at our baby!" but the grip soon turned to a mercy hold. At one point MSW stood up and was about to ask the tech if it was necessary to push so hard and I guess she took the hint because it was much more tolerable from that point on. We got to watch the baby for about 15 minutes while she did all the necessary measurements. At one point, baby was sucking its thumb. At 12 weeks with doodle we got a great "toilet seat" shot and was 95% sure he was a boy. We figured we would not be so lucky this time around too. We just never got a great look and of course she was not trying to find out the sex this time. So, another few weeks before we will try to find out the sex.

I am feeling so much better (knock on wood) with the start of the second trimester. Little to no nausea and my energy level is improving. I have so many things/projects I want to begin but have on hold until we know if the baby is a boy or girl. We could care less- we can imagine either being a perfect fit to our family. We were just talking over dinner how fast it is going. We plan on this being our last and now that I am feeling better, I want to hold on to this time. I do not feel the sense of urgency to speed this along like I did the first time around. Talk to me mid-August and I am sure I will be singing a different tune but for rush.

10 more days of work!!!!!! Hello Summer 2009....oh how I have been waiting for you!
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Through his lens......

Have I mentioned before my amazing husband? Yep, pretty sure I have mentioned that a time or two. He is so sweet and has been accompanying me on my wedding shoots. Not only that, he second shoots for me. As I was going through edits, I came across these pics.... I have never seen myself before in action. I am glad I have these to document as part of this pregnancy and my life @ this time.

Up close and personal!

Me hiding behind a speaker to capture the reception entrance.
Can't fit behind there for much longer!

Me & my 12 week belly!

Mr. & Mrs.- oh how I love this man!

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

As so much changes...things also remain the same.

Kris, MW, DW, Emily

Reese, Taylor & Doodle
The top picture was taken this past weekend at a wedding in Comfort. This is a picture of two grown girls who grew up together, a husband who grew up with those girls, and Em's little brother. Point is, we all grew up together.....I have so many childhood memories that include those people. We are now adults and our children are following in our footsteps. The picture below are Em's two girls with doodle. They are making their own childhood memories and it does my heart good knowing those memories already have a built-in 30+ year relationship. What a blessing to have the friends that I do! I may be raising a child in the city but some of my small town roots will remain in him. And believe me these kids are not too "citified"- you may notice specks of dirt on their clothing. They spent the entire reception collecting rollie pollies out of the flower beds. Sounds like there is fo shizzle some P-town in them!

Star comes for a visit

I am not really sure if this is blog-worthy but I am sure down the road when doodle is in high school I will hold on to these memories of "when you were little" and think about these kind of times. For those of you with kiddos who have yet entered pre-school or school- just wait and I am sure I do not even know the half of it yet. School=alot of "projects" for mom and dad. Between keeping up with show & tell themes, dress days, art projects, etc...then there is "spend the weekend with Star." Star is the frog you see above and just happens to be the class mascot. Star spends each weekend with a different student in class. They all love Star and it is a big deal to take him home on a weekend. Star comes with a journal which must be completed for class on Monday complete with pictures of the weekend's events. I usually remember this on Sunday afternoon and we hustle to get all of that documented. I think this past weekend will be Star's last visit with us. Adios Star!

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Easter Egg hunt @ night

I am always looking for fun new ideas for doodle. I found these glow-in-the-dark Easter eggs. The eggs have a yellow strip on them that glows under a black light. The eggs come with two little black light flashlights. We hid the eggs all over the yard and into the park. He had an absolute ball hunting them with his lights. It was a great twist on the traditional Easter Egg hunt. Perfect for an adventurous little guy!
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SA Zoo Field Trip

By the aquarium in the Africa zone.

Having fun feeding the birds.

Doodle and Arden on the train.

Doodle's Pre-K class
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We are loving doodle's tee-ball season. He is doing so great and having so much fun! It is precious watching these little boys and girls trying so hard, building their confidence and just enjoying the game. While it is such a reminder to me that he is growing up, it also makes me look forward to all the events as he gets older.
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For the love of the game

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Some thoughts to ponder....

I plan on doing some major posting- lots and lots to write about but for now just some musings....

What a week! I forgot just how tired pregnancy makes you. However, life just will not slow down for me to catch a rest and so I often feel that I am running just to keep up these days. I look back at my calendar amazed at what all we have done- no wonder I am so tired...and have I mentioned I am growing a baby too.....yippeee! Just a little excited!

The Spring always brings showers, parties, weddings, etc... We have done no less than 2 parties, one shower and at least one tee-ball game every weekend since the start of March. With doodle's birthday rounding it out at the end of the month. I should mention he changed his mind about a party so we are knee-deep in planning his party too.

I decided to cut back on photography- I just have too much going on. I said that, only to find myself having shot several houses this month for the awesome interior designer I am working with, several studio shoots and I am shooting two weddings the next two weekends. Oh well...famous last words, right!

I am generally a sappy person to begin with but add on some extra hormones and I'm a mess. You know that commercial (I think it is for a credit card) where they ask, "when is the last day you took the day off to go to the aquarium with your daughter....on a Tuesday?" You know that one. Well, I took last Tuesday off and went with doodle's class to the zoo. I could not help think about that commercial over and over and I found myself with happy tears more than once. We had an awesome day! The weather was glorious and the kiddos had so much fun! We stayed after his class departed and rode the train and then went and had a great lunch together. I enjoy that child so very much! He feeds my soul in ways that only a mother could understand. I only have four weeks left of work and I cannot wait to spend my summer days with the boy.

We have so many things to look forward to! A 5th birthday, a doctor's appointment (sonogram), a Spring Musical, a Fiesta Holiday, end of the school year for me and doodle, a week at the beach with great friends and MSW and I both have weekends planned with friends. I cannot remember the last time we have done that!

I have so many plans running through my head....garage sale, move doodle into my studio (no more studio for a while :( bunk bed for cmw, plan baby's room, add craft corner to my bedroom- I am smelling a Pottery Barn Desk in my future :) , crafts, sewing, etc.... Bring on the 2nd trimester energy surge!

I will be 12 weeks on Monday! This will be a huge milestone to hit- this mama knows the stats and is so comforted by the 12 week numbers! Which reminds me I need to start on my maternity leave request since I will be out all summer. On the work front, we are moving offices and I am thrilled! Much nicer accommodations await us and I will be moving offices closer to some of my favorite sac people! Another huge step....guess what I got this week! A letter from the president notifying me of his recommendation to the board for my promotion to Assistant Professor!!!! One step left....board approval- vote happens on April 21st if you want to throw up a prayer for me...just sayin!

While we have so many wonderful things happening I am not blind to the struggles either. I have many friends who are in need of prayer, I stress daily for this to be a healthy baby (I am worrying so much more about that this time around!) and I am stressed about getting doodle into the after-school program that we want. But that we know is nearly impossible to get into... but will be the only one that sets well with me. Faith! I believe!

I have a class full of waiting minds....better go enrich those minds. So I leave you with promises of more tee-ball, zoo and spring around the house pictures.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Happy Announcement

a baby!

Many, many, many prayers later....
a miracle in progress!
What we have known for over a month
was confirmed today!
A beautiful, active baby...
a strong heartbeat!
After months of heartbreak
today was the happiest of tears!
As we held hands (and our breaths) as the screen clicked on
appeared a dancing little baby and a fluttering heartbeat!
A sight so wonderful, especially after experiencing the devastation of an empty screen before.
A doctor so caring and understanding and who personally knows of the same heartbreak...
announces, "you did it mama!" "Look at that extremely strong baby!"
Already measuring a week ahead of what it should be.....
no wonder mama is already growing so big!
With the worst of morning sickness hopefully behind,
we look forward to the first kicks, planning and picking of a name.
Big brother is ecstatic....I am glad he gets it!
To all those who have been praying, especially for today's good news....
you mean the world to us! Thank you for today's support and for helping me to keep our secret.
And now...I feel I can shout from the rooftop that our little love should be arriving in October!
(Dr. was hesitant to give me an exact due date just yet. Based on my LMP, I am due October 30th- but we already know I am a week ahead of that. She is going to keep a close eye on the size of this baby and will not have me deliver another 9 lbs. @ 36.5 weeks)

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