Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Our Story: The Beginning

{Our First Prom: April 1992}

The Beginning….
It is hard to say when we met because in a town of 5,000 you have always known everybody. I do recall my first memory of him, however. I was 3 or 4 and we both went to Mrs. Gardner’s- the local preschool. I remember swinging with Melissa Franklin and singing, “Take this Job and Shove It”, while he and Danny Lane played under the porch. I would die to find a picture of us together at this age. We did ride on the Christmas float together, me on one side and he on the other. Needless to say, my pictures are of my side of the float and at the best capture the back of his head.
My next memory of him is in Junior High. After home football games, we would all go to the church for 5th Quarter- which were dances in the fellowship hall. He was always there, he never asked me to dance; though he danced with all my friends. He later would tell me that he thought I was a prissy girl who did not give him the time of day. Our childhood homes are only about a mile apart and my friends and I were known to ride around the area on 3 wheelers and go-karts, never stopping to say hi or offering a ride. My perception of him was a boy who played a lot of basketball in his driveway.
And then came high school. I was 15 and he was 16. He broke his arm in the first game of football season, which had him in a cast for much of the rest of the year. The first time I ever had a conversation with him was at Sonic after-school. He played every sport in high school and this meeting would have never happened had he not broken his arm because he would have been at practice. Shae and I had recently quit the basketball team due to injuries and we spent the afternoons cruising the L. MSW happened to be at one of our stops. I had just ordered a grilled cheese sandwich, which he ended up eating. We talked briefly. It was the first time that I really ever had a conversation with him. We went on our ways and it would not be until weeks later until we spoke again.
At the time, I did not have a driver’s license so I did a lot of hanging out with my friends who did have a license. My friend, Megan, was dating MSW’s best friend, Shane. They had been trying to get us together forever. It just was not meant to be until December 7, 1991. It was a Saturday. It was the town’s holiday parade and I spent the afternoon riding in the parade on the Drill Team float with all my friends. MSW was out-of-town at a basketball tournament as the cast was now off and he was back in action. After the parade I went with Megan. She was going to Pizza Hut to meet up with Shane that night and I was along for the ride. When MSW got back into town he was meeting up with Shane too. The evening found the four of us sitting in a booth at Pizza Hut. After dinner, we ended up in Shane’s bronco had MSW’s lease. I want to say that Todd also ended up with the 4 of us that night. We talked as the boys looked for hogs (don’t ask, if you don’t get that at first read.) Our curfew was approaching so Megan and I got them to take us back to her car at Pizza Hut. MSW and I said good-bye, we didn’t even hold hands that night, though from that night forward we would never be apart.
To be continued….

Monday, December 28, 2009

D&M Video

In honor of our upcoming 11th Wedding Anniversary, I was playing around with making a photo story. I soon realized that after 18 years, we have ALOT of pictures! These were the ones that were already on this computer- most of doodle's life is archived on DVD's and I have pictures on my other two computers that should be on this video. One day, I will do this properly but for now, this puts a smile on my face. I think in honor of our anniversary, I am going to tell "our story."

Two Months Old


Dear Camdyn,

I cannot believe that you are already two months old! These past two months have truly been some of the best! You are such a complete delight and pure love! I am pretty sure there has never been a better baby. You sleep, eat, poop all very well. You sleep all night in your craddle in our room and make precious little sounds all night long. You really never cry...you kind of grunt at us when you need something but other than that you are 100% content. Once you figured out how to smile, you do it all the time. You love to be talked to and me saying "honky tonk" to you makes you smile every time. You just fell in love with daddy. You watch his every move and light up when he gives you attention and in return, he is totally wrapped around your little finger.

Everyone asks me things like, "how many times a day to you change her or does she always have a bow or hat on?" And the answer to that is many and as often as I can put one on you! I love dressing you and I know that you like it too! You patiently lay several times a day on the changing table as I "decorate" you up! When we are done, you always give me a big approving smile! Oh baby girl, there is so much for us to do together as you get older!

In my mind you are pettite and in comparison to your brother at this age, you are. However, after your 2 month old check-up, we learned that you weigh 12 pounds, 12 ounces (90% percentile) and measure over 23 inches (90% percentile). So maybe you are not as little as I think you are :) You got 5 immunizations but barely cried. You smiled for the doctor and held your head up the whole time. You can actually even sit on your own for a few seconds already. I pretend that you are not making these advances because I love you being my little newborn. But you are growing..... With every new stage I know that it will bring about more exciting things and somehow each day we will love you a little more. My sweet girl, we love you!
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Christmas @ Grandma's



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P-town Shoot





When you are from Pearsall, you have a different kind of pride. You are not necessarily proud of the town- there is nothing there to see. Maybe it is the fact that only the people who grew up there get it....all of our experiences are much the same. The football field is the same that generations and generations have spent every Friday night in the Fall. It is the only place that you cruise the L or where Rock-n-roll becomes Rocking Roll (proudly spray painted on a building). So many memories in one little run-down town. We always talk about taking pics all over town as a form of nostalgia. We were all going to wear our Letterman jackets (yes we all still have them) and hit all the spots. This was a very unplanned, impromptu version of that. However imperfect the pictures or the town is, we will always remember this shoot on Christmas day.
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P-town: The Outakes




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Christmas Dinner in Pearsall


A whole lot of craziness....a whole lot of fun! Unless you know us, I can't really explain it. We are unique, no doubt; but we are family and we love each other!
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Christmas Morning





Before heading down to Pearsall for Christmas day we had Christmas morning at home with just the four of us. Doodle got everything he wanted- so did sissy belle, though she doesn't realize it yet :) and Santa brought me a little blue box...as in Tiffany & Co blue! Daddy got some good stuff too! After a little breakfast, we loaded up and headed south.
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Christmas Eve





I was bad about taking pictures but that is just proof that we had such a good time!
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Christmas Eve Preparations



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Fiesta Texas- Holiday Style





We promised doodle a Fiesta Texas trip during the holidays. The park does not open until 4pm so we were a little worried about having sissy belle out in the night air, etc... We got lucky and there was one evening that was in the upper 60's. We had a great evening! Doodle and I went sledding, we ate some park food and went on some rides. As always, sissy was perfect! Poor baby girl had a rough day- she had her 2 month old check-up earlier in the day but was the total trooper! (I'll save the water in the face story for another time....)
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~Sibling Love~




These are not the best quality pictures but they are some of my most favorite! Why? Because it shows just how much my two littles love each other. Sissy belle loves to watch big brother and doodle is such a great big brother. Though he is a busy boy, he stops long enough each day to give her some attention! I am so glad they have each other.
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Santa Party





We are so lucky to have such great friends who host fabulous parties! The Zunker's Santa Party each year is wonderful! Santa visits, good food, great company and so much fun for the adults and kids! We have been known to close the party down before but with a newborn we left at a decent hour this year :) The Santa was awesome- so good that it saved me a trip to the mall santa for pics (thanks, Amy!) Doodle still believes in Santa and was so excited to get to see him.
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