Monday, June 21, 2010

A glimpse at 8 months





She is so many things. At 8 months old she is.....
~sweet, she is a really sweet baby girl.
~crawling all over the place.
~a big eater, preferring sweet potatoes and corn casserole.
~the proud mouth of 5 teeth.
~a happy, clapping baby. She loves to clap for herself and everyone else.
~saying mama and dada. She knows who to call and when, depending upon what she wants.
~still going through testing to figure out exactly what type of bleeding disorder she may have.
~a little fish. She loves swimming in her baby tube.
~the best laughter! You must hear that precious little giggle.
~funny. She has a keen sense of humor.
~the master of peek-a-boo. Loves the game!
~a cruiser in her pink convertible.
~a 2x a day napper.
~not a super great sleeper. Still wakes up a couple times at night just to make sure we are still there :)
~a huge fan of her brother.
~the perfect fit for our family and is loved beyond measure.
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Camdyn at 8 months




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Sissy belle & Doodle Bug





He was going to be my "assistant." That lasted about 5 minutes before he decided to go put on a "fancy" shirt and get in some pictures too. And it was as it should be...both of my babies in the pictures.
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~Antique Chest and baby love~




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Friday, June 18, 2010

You've got some 'splanin to do.... :)

I truly have not thought about my blogging or lack there of....but after the 5th person contacted me this week asking about why I was not blogging, I made a little time this morning. No real reason, in fact, until it was pointed out to me I had not realized so much time had passed. The truth is that we are soaking up every second of summer 2010 and I just have not wanted to sit down at the computer. When I am working, I am forced to be on the computer and I have a little more "desk" time. These days...the pool, outside, and different activities call our name. I went back to scrap booking so anytime I would have spent on blogging is now devoted to Camy's series of scrapbooks. Maybe I will go back to blogging at some point? For now, enjoy this week's images of doodle bug and sissy belle. I cannot even begin to express how much light these two littles put into our lives!


He operates in 5th gear He is a hard living little boy who truly gets the most out of each of his days.

Together they are peanut butter and jelly! They just belong together. He would let her do anything she wanted, she is his biggest fan. 5.5 years apart is working out just fine for this protective big brother and adoring baby sister.

See that finger in her mouth? She is doing some hard core teething. She has had two bottom teeth since 4 months, at 7 months she is working on 3 or 4 more. I wish those little pearls would go ahead and come in so mama and daddy can get some sleep!

Just what every little girl needs....a pink convertible! Is this not the most adorable walker that mimi bought her. She loves being mobile and scooting all over the house!

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