Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Thoughts on 1st week of 2012

The house is too quiet. Doodle is back to school and dada is back to work. Me and the girl linger in the warm covers and soak up the quiet morning. I never like the transition. As much as I long for a schedule and "regular" way of life in the midst of the holiday craze, I miss it just as much. Thankful for another week at home before I go back to reality....just would rather have this week with everyone else at home too. My list of things to do is ever growing but I am feeling really good about what I have accomplished. The house is sparkling from top to bottom and we've properly closed out all of our 2011 business. The wedding is edited, appointments are taken care of and our souls are refreshed.

We've begun 2012 in a low-key, family style. We spent New Year's day all together with a long walk, preparing a fancy meal together and setting our 2012 goals. Yesterday was our 13th wedding anniversary. MSW had to go into the office for a couple hours which gave me a chance to hit the gym. By noon, we met back up at the house and decided on a family lunch celebration versus a fancy dinner. We had a fabulous meal at Scenic Loop Cafe. The kids played and MSW and I actually had an enjoyable dining out experience with them. I am just being honest about how "not fun" it is to eat out with them (Camy) these days. But, I guess that was her anniversary gift to us! Nothing fancy but really perfect day to celebrate these 13 years.


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