Sunday, January 1, 2012

Good-bye 2011


We did not have a huge New Year's Eve celebration this year. Back in the summer, I agreed to shoot a NYE wedding. What a beautiful day it was for the wedding and I had a great time. So, when I got home I celebrated with one glass of wine and my glitter Toms.

I did celebrate our quiet evening with my most favorite man.

And I did get my kiss at midnight!
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Good-bye were pretty good to us. Hello 2012...glad you are here and look forward to all that you have to offer!

2011 Take-Aways
* Always, always back up pictures to the external hard drive. Ouch, that was a hard one to learn when our hard drive crashed this summer.
* I am totally competent to handle disruptive students. Remember this and have faith in yourself.
* My suburban does not fit through the car wash at the gas station on West Ave. I will hit a pole and dent my car. Another ouch!
* Celebrate the big as well as the small. Make banners, cook special meals, write little letters of congrats and kids, family and friends will remember this stuff more than anything extravagant I may do.
* I learned I have high LDL and triglycerides, resulting in aggressive diet and exercise regimens.
* I discovered Malcolm Gladwell!
* If you wait long enough, people will show you their good side.
* It's all gonna be ok with Camy's Von Willebrand's.
* I love and need my friends, crafts and 30 minutes of cardio a day...all for mental well-being.
* Drink less tea and more water.
* It is really no fun to dine out with a 2 year old. Take out or cook at home.
* A little goes a long way with MSW. Set out his bath towel, leave a little love note, pack him a lunch...I'm telling you it is all in the little things.
* 35 is not old, I'm still in my prime (36 is young too, ummmm)
* After wearing Clinique for almost 20 years, I switched to MAC and love it so much more.
* I made the switch from PC to MAC...hmmmm, just noticed the theme.
* The best Mrs. Myer's scent is Honeysuckle, with Basil being a close second.
* Don't follow the pack. Stand on my own convictions. Even when it is scary to do so.
* I can run a meeting full of pretentious PhD's. They will listen to me and not eat me alive as I was sure they would at my first running of Senate. But brush up on Robert's Rule of Order.
* I'm still going to almost faint (or really faint) when I have my blood drawn.
* Baseball is a way of life in my family.
* Paint my fingernails more often...makes me feel fancy.

Hello are looking good!


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